Safety & Removal of Silicone Butt Injections?

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Ok here is my story: In 2004 I got 800 cc or...

Ok here is my story: In 2004 I got 800 cc or slightly less of medical grade silicone injected into my buttocks & again in 2005 I got another 800 cc or slightly less injected into my buttocks once again, by the same woman, illegally. I only allowed her to inject me in the middle part of the buttocks into the inner cheek area because I already have enough hips, only wanted that “bubble effect” and thought in case it spreads, I would be giving it some room to spread.

I realize what a complete idiot I am for doing this and taking such a chance with my body. I should have researched it way more back then but, the thing is, a lot of women I personally know had already gotten it done & loved the results. When I went for the shots, the woman administering them told me I could always have liposuction if I felt I wanted to remove it, so this is what made me say ok & get it done. So, I have to say, it does look nice (even 5 years later) and I feel very fortunate to report I don’t have any problems with it.

The biggest problem I have is my right inner cheek is ever so slightly harder than the left & I have been massaging it here & there to hopefully break that up. As I am getting older now, smarter (because today I would never do this crap to my body!) and thinking of trying to become pregnant within the next few months I am plagued with worries. I have been having anxiety attacks & sleepless nights worrying about what problems I may face in the future.

If any of you wonderful plastic surgeons that take your time out to answer questions here could answer a few of mine it would be greatly appreciated!

1) Some doctors say yes & a lot say no…once and for all, is silicone butt injections removable if need be?

2) Will silicone butt injections affect my fetus if I get pregnant?

3) Is it possible to have silicone butt injections liposuctioned out, or at the very least some of it?

4) Where exactly is it injected, into the tissues or into the muscle? The reason I ask is because there seems to be a lot of confusion on this amongst my friends who have already had it done.

5) If I were going to have a serious issue with it, would it have already happened by now most likely?

6) What type of future problems should I look out for or may be a possibility?

7) I have heard of one girl I knew years ago that got “Biogel” in Columbia & had problems within a month when she got back into the states. They say she had it “scraped out”. Is that what they do? “Scrape” it out?

8) Are there being studies/ and or medical advances currently under way to find a method of removal for silicone butt injections?

9) I have read about embolisms and silicone getting into the lungs. Is this something that can happen to me at any given time, would it happen or would it have already happened to me by now?

10) Is it best to “massage” an area that seems to be hardening up a little?

11) Can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon in the New York City area that would have experience with this for me to speak with further?

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