If You Want White Teeth, Britesmile is the Way to Go

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Before I used britesmile, I was very skepetical on...

Before I used britesmile, I was very skepetical on whether it would work or not since it's a commercial product. I also read up people's reviews and it was more negative than positive, which made purchasing it even more hard since it was $399! But, I decided to take the plunge and get it done and this is my take of it.

Basic Info: 3 20 minute sessions / Recommended that you stay away from color foods/drinks and only eat/drink clear foods/drinks. The procedure was an hour long but I was probably there for no more than 1h30m.

Pain: The procedure is definitely not pain-free but it wasn't anything major. During the third session, I started to have a throbbing pain in my teeth. The pain was caused by the nerves in our teeth that were bulging. Because they had to place to do, it would hit up against the walls of the teeth, resulting in minor pains. The pains came and went for about 4-5 hours, it wasn't a consistent pain. When I was out, I really had to close my mouth because any gust of wind caused pain. Besides the limited foods you could eat, I had no problems eating.

Results: I LOVE MY TEETH! I am sooo happy that I got this done.

For me, the $399, the minor pains, the limited food choices for 24 hours were definitely worth it. After using britesmile, I recommend this to everyone that is looking to get whiter teeth. The next day or two, MY TEETH WERE EVEN WHITER than the day I had it done.

It's been 2 weeks since I got it done and my teeth are just as white as the 2nd/3rd day. I always had self esteem issues with the color of my teeth but now I'm not. Here is a before and after picture of my teeth.

BEFORE: June 5th

AFTER: July 26h; 2-3 hours after the procedure

PRESENT: August 7th I know the coloration of the first 2 pictures are totally off but that's pretty close to how yellow my teeth were. The present picture has the most accurate lighting. My skin color is due to my new tan, not the lighting. All 3 pictures were taken with a DSLR; all RAW pictures, no photoshop whatsoever.

The before and present pictures were taken with a Canon XS and the after picture was taken with the XT. I wish I did an accurate before and after.

I hope this helps people who are on the fence with britesmile.

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