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I had a breast lift and augmentation done 4 weeks...

I had a breast lift and augmentation done 4 weeks ago today and am really happy with the results!

I made sure I trusted my surgeon and did everything he said to prepare for and recover from the surgery. It was painful- I won't pretend for a minute this was easy, but I'm already telling that my profile is so much improved it's more than worth it, when you have a good surgeon.

I'd recommend my Dr. to anyone. I have to drive 2 hours to get to him, but he's worth traveling for........ And no, I'm not given a bonus for referrals! ;-)

A year ago, in May of 2010, I did indeed have a...

A year ago, in May of 2010, I did indeed have a contracture revision done. Since I had lost about 30 pounds since the initial surgery and had some loose skin in my breasts from it, he went ahead and also took out the excess skin, kinda giving me a mini-lift. In hindsight, I wish I'd of had him swap the salines out for gels at the time because when I am very lean ripples are visible under the skin. But I was being cheap at the time and didn't want to spend the extra thousand or so for gel implants. I am now a 34DD, and like them better than ever!

Eight years later.......

It's 8 years after my initial surgery and 7 after my revision. I am STILL glad I had this done. They still look really good. I'm going to credit this to both my surgeon's skill, as well as me wearing a bra almost constantly- even to bed! Dr. Coffey warned me that going braless would cause them to sag because "It's just skin!". When my bra is off they're still pretty perky- very little difference in position from being in a bra, and I want to keep them that way!

However, they aren't perfect. Breasts aren't make perfectly by God, so to expect a human to get them perfect is unreasonable. One nipple "points" out slightly to the side, one goes more strait ahead. This is Okay. They're sisters, not twins.

I have a small fold in the right implant at the top that is apparent when I am very lean. Dr. Coffey offered to replace this one when he did the contracture revision on the other breast back in 2010 and I said "No, thank you". As far as I was and am concerned the less I get put under general anesthesia and opened up, the better. I felt at the time that I could live with it, and I have. I look good, I'm happy, I'm healthy. No point in messing with something that is already much improved.

I see so many people on these sites chasing after perfection. I have a nose that many people would probably want to remove the lump off of the end of and the bump in the middle. It's my father's nose. He was killed in a car accident almost 20 years ago. If I lost that, I'd lose the biggest thing that makes me look like him, and I'd lose a lot of my facial character. And it works great! I can breathe perfectly. How many people have a seen have their noses done and wind up with breathing problems or noses that healed worse than they looked before?

My face is sagging a little and I'm showing some wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes. I'm 50: This is normal and to be expected. I'll take care of my skin yet allow my face to age naturally. For me, I'm content leaving well enough alone.

They truth is that I don't care a flying fig about being perfect. Good enough is good enough for me. I had breasts that were sadly droopy with huge areolas corrected. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to have them improved! They're a little bigger than I'd like, but they're happy so I'm not messing with them. The truth is that I'm perfectly happy being imperfect me. :-)
Denton Plastic Surgeon

Not only is he extremely skilled, but he has a wonderful bedside manner, answers questions patiently and thoroughly, and has a wonderful staff and terrific little hospital he uses. He respected and supported my wishes for saline over the muscle (not the popular choice these days, it seems), and a natural slant to my upper breasts. The only way it could be more pleasant is if it didn't hurt!

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