Paid for C-ended Up with D!!!

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Pros: i had a lift and implants, from sagging...

pros: i had a lift and implants, from sagging hanging breasts to a D cup.

cons: i am 5'1" and weigh 130 lbs. i paid for a full C cup but in the end they have remained D's. i had them implanted around my nipples. horrible scaring all the way around nipples now. i also cant find shirts and dresses that fit me properly. size 5-7 jeans and XL-2x tops. looks crazy.

i paid for C's! i told the surgeon and he said if i paid anesthsia (spelling?) fees he would redo them. i will opt to get them smaller but for now i am dealing with it. i have had them for 7yrs. the price listed was for tummy tuck and breast lift and impants.

when i have the D's removed and smaller C's put in could my scar around nipples get better? and areola smaller? and does the amount of breat tissue you already have make the end result bigger?

Dr. John Pittman III

very professional and willing to work with the fee.

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