Breast Implants Lopsided Square Nipple Facing out Rippling

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Hi I am really worried. I am 3 weeks post op. 435...

Hi I am really worried. I am 3 weeks post op. 435 cc over the muscle round textured silicone. My left looks smaller higher, Feels tighter and the look lopsided. My claveage on the left looks kind of square where the breast has not dropped on the bottom. My nipple is pointing out. My right breast feels rounder and wider looks better but when I bend over I can feel ripples. So the right looks ok but feels horrible and the right breast does not look like a breast its square.

I previously had teardrop textured silicone 310cc but I had a capsular contracture in my right breast. The left always looked good but now after my redo my left breast looks really wierd. I am really worried it wont change.

Great confidence boost. I wanted a little bigger than before. I had a capsular contracture after having implants for 10 years so had to get them re done.

Hi well the rippling did not go away the lopsided...

Hi well the rippling did not go away the lopsided look did start to look a bit better also They did drop quite a bit and when the swelling went down they looked ok. The problem I feel was that I am a very small framed lady. I eat heaps but I am long legged, height 5 ft 8 and the breast looked ridged at the top that I could not even wear a bra as it made them look worse LIKE VICTORIA BECKHAMS HORRIBLE!. GOOD NEWS TO ANY LADIES READING WHO HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. I HAD MY BA REVISION SURGERY DONE 3 DAYS AGO, I AM SO SO HAPPY, I HAD 650cc in each breast, remember I was I 34aa 10 years ago had 310cc in for 10 years, I had a cc so had the 435cc in my last ones which went wrong and now with my 650cc mentor high profile smooth ones I feel they look good for only a few days Post op. so they will only get better. I am not sure what my ps done considering he did not really advise that size considering I had little breat tissue, maybe it helped that I stretched my skin from the 435 cc but I dont care I feel normal FOR ONCE and so GREAT, oK YES they do look a bit large for my frame but there are small framed girls out there with big boobs that are natural and who has ever said they dont look great. HERES TO FAKING IT IN A GOOD WAY!! XX

Does anyone know if its likely to settle and also...

Does anyone know if its likely to settle and also will ripplling subside in my right breast. All I wanted was a normal looking set on breast implants not to look like an alien. Please help

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Yes now after revision is perfect

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