Uneven Breast Augmentation (300cc Under Muscle)

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I got it done because I never developed any chest...

I got it done because I never developed any chest.

There was no pain at all until the stitches were removed. I have a lot of back pain but that's about it. The good thing now is that I can wear whatever I want and I have a chest now.

I've had a breast augmentation five days ago and it's been looking perfect and aligned perfectly until I had to go back to take the stitches out and the doctor had only shifted my right side of the breast for some reason and now my right breast is not aligned with my left breast and I'm freaking out.

Before the surgery I had NO BREASTS at all so there shouldn't be a reason why they're crooked/uneven after he shifted my right breast for I don't know whAt reason when they looked PERFECTLY fine... I had saline implants under the muscles with 300ccs and now i'm a full b size..

-- Updated on Sep 15, 2009:

I had the incision done through the armpit so I had tubes coming out from each underarm.. Now that the doctor shifted my right breast after I went back to take the tubes out. I have NO idea why he did that when they were perfectly aligned and shaped and he had to just shift my right breast for some reason. Which thereafter I felt pain when before he did that I had no pain at all. Now I experience a little pain on my right breast. It is also uneven with my left breast now. Looks like I have no swelling on my breasts and it's been six days now...

Will my breasts stay like uneven? Why did the doctor shift one breast when it was perfectly aligned and symmetrical? If I keep pushing my right breast upward will it go back up or is it just going to go down as it heals? Why did the doctor shift just my right breast when it was PERFECTLY fine? Is it normal to experience pain like this when I haven't had any pain when I got out of the surgery room? I had no breasts at all so there shouldn't be a reason why they're crooked/uneven now....
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