Past Teenage Breast Implant Patient, then Double Mastectomy in 1993 - Missouri

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There were no pros, just cons. Did it to correct a...

There were no pros, just cons. Did it to correct a congenital deformity of chest wall, which ended in a mastectomy of both breasts in 1993 at the age of 35 with extremely failed implants attached to destroyed breast tissue.

MY PROVIDER? my parents, who funded this great medical snafu. Implants were a birthday present 7 days after my 18th birthday in 1976. I am 51 yrs old now. Still trying to blow the candle out on this horrible gift.

Causation of silicone~ proteins accumulate on the surface of silicone, silicone breast implants and other silicone implants AFTER they are in human body.

Then those who want to uphold their oath of First, do no harm would incorporate the SCIENTIFIC TRUTH that protein excesses are common in many diseases, (lupus, RA, multiple sclerosis, sarcoidosis, dermatomyositis, skeletal dysplasias, insulin resistance, scleroderma, other diseases of autoimmunity as well as cancers- myeloma, brain, lung and other cancers....diseases, primarily those that stimulate/exert = "turn on" the human immune response, via the placental barrier though fetal cells.

with breast implants it would be best to use stem cells in a mold with good blood supply. Good will take yrs to craft/tailor a breast implant to the variants of genes, of KEY genes to avoid an adverse reaction of the exerting/turning on process of the human immune response...via the placental barrier through fetal cells. Besides the breast implant companies do no want the truth known of the exerting process of breast implants and the harm that is exerted upon the human immune response. Via the placental barrier through fetal cells in offspring. Mothers are smarter than you all may think...they have a lot of resiliency too to make the truth be told~ Watch what is about to happen in our society.

Epigenetics? OMICS? LIKE with the chemical...

Epigenetics? OMICS? LIKE with the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers?

Yes...I really do hear a death rattle within the ART OF MEDICINE. You all (within the Division of Plastic Surgery) really need to craft/tailor ALL breast implants/the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers to the variants of KEY genes that are being NOW /have been (in the past) been exerted/"turned on" which was NOT the "cause" of ones genetics at all. Hey, I have many, MANY lesions that have grown in my brain. I have so-called multiple sclerosis, but my MS is clearly NOT classic, but very, VERY aggressive. The bovie was used in an oil contaminated field way back when... Silica crosses the blood brain barrier, you all...NOT just silicone crossing the blood brain barrier...I promise.....stop the electrocautry in an oil contaminated field, OK?

You are NOT helping the variants of KEY genes withih the human are just EXERTING/"turning on" the variants of KEY GENES with the usage of the bovie/elecautry in an oil contaminated field.

Silica will be a problem in the pathology entangled with the tissues of the patient...YOU ALL REALLY WANT THIS as business as usual for your patient? NOt a good business practice.

 Learn from the mistakes made with me...I was a past 1976 teenage breast implant patient opting for McGhan silicone gel breast implants to correct a congenital deformity of my chest wall...and back in 1993 at the age of 35 I corrected that problem...I just had the breasts with my implants attached removed. So glad that I did this procedure....gave myself extra time on this earth. Now I am 53 yrs old...and I am really glad I did opt for the mastectomy of both breasts/ with extremely failed implants attached. I WAS TRYING TO SAVE MY LIFE HERE. I am really doomed now because I am suffering that the fact of the matter IS I have had the variants of KEY GENES EXERTED/TURNED ON---thanks to McGhan/3M...and I have accepted what is going on.

I am still dealing with our daughter who suffers with scleroderma in the form of PSS/and the EXTREMELY SEVERE bone dysplasia, insulin resistance/AN, acanthosis nigricans and everything....she is NOT classic disease either.


Are you listening? need to. Learn from your mistakes from the past 1976 teenage breast implant patient -- me....we ALL need to work together IN UNITY for the sake of excellent womens health care and to uphold YOUR oath of First do no harm.


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I went to my plastic surgeon from 1976-1980...not much of your questions really apply to me, but I tried to answer them.

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