My Implants: Allergic Reaction and Male Reactions

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I've had my saline implants many years now. I...

I've had my saline implants many years now. I asked for smaller than the ones they brought out for me to try on which they said was the size most women ask for. I didn't want the look that I had seen in the locker room, which was a push-up bra effect on women wearing nothing. They looked hyperinflated.

So, I went for the smallest they could order. I was pleased with the price, in comparison. I was pleased with the look.

I was NOT pleased with the many very tiny bumps and blisters all over my chest for a month or two after surgery. The surgeon was in denial about the correlation, and refused to acknowledge any connection with the implants. The tiny bumps and blisters did eventually go away, but what did NOT go away, even after 10 years, is a persistent itching directly in between my breasts, where the sternum is. I cannot afford to remove the implants, or I would do it in a heartbeat.

As for the male reactions, I am a single woman, and, since I've had the implants a decade, I've had a chance to get more than one reaction. Unfortunately, most men lack the confidence to give opinions about anything, especially when they're dating a woman. However, I have heard more opinions from men who I was not dating. At a gathering with a bunch of guys on my racing team, one married man hugged me more than once. Later, it seemed odd that men I barely knew were coming up to me to hug me. At first I just attributed it to the many beers they'd had. I'm far from huge, so it's not like it would be thrill for them, but I did figure out that the hugs were all about the implants.

A year later, someone mentioned something in my presence at work about implants feeling like water balloons. A few people looked sheepish, and a couple of them looked at me for a response, which indicated they knew. I wasn't hiding it, but I didn't broadcast it either, as it wasn't their business.

Three men I've dated AI (after implants) said they thought they would like my natural breasts more. I had to give them some credit for speaking their truth.... (though it's too bad they weren't as truthful about themselves.)

Though I'm very small boned (my wrists are only 4" around), I have a prominent ribcage with protruding upper ribs, and my waistline isn't small either; it's a 28 inch waist. So, my 34A boobs were dwarfed by everything directly below.

Somehow, though, it all doesn't matter anymore. I've been around women of all sizes and so many in the athletic world with small breasts who's lives are so full. I've reached a point in my life where my self-worth is no longer reliant on how many men want to "do" me, or even on whether one "special" man wants to do me. He's not that special if boobs are a focal point.

I just can't wait to get these things out!!

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I do think my implants look good, but I believe it's because of the size I chose more than anything else. I have no complaints about the scars (armpit) but I had a lot of trouble waking took me 2 days to wake up!...and I don't appreciate his flippant attitude and lack of responsibility or help with the obvious allergic reaction I had and continue to have 10 years later.

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