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I had PERFECT lil perky 32b cup breast before my...

I had PERFECT lil perky 32b cup breast before my augmentation. It was kinda a impulsive decision to get the implants... went to my surgeon and he suggested I go to a 420cc. I told him NO WAY i wanted to look natural and opted for 350cc.

WHen I woke up from surgery I was anxious to peek at my new additions... I got home and opened my surgery bra to see my left boob HUGE and LOW... and my right boob SMALL and HIGH Doc said it was swelling and everything would even out over time.

I waited a year and a half (with severe pain in my left boob when I bent over or it was touched and a burning nerve pain) So I decided it was time to go back and at least try to address the on going pain. WHen I awoke from my capsulorrhaphy procedure to correct his screw up and take out some CC's from my lower larger breast and tack it back up into place I was in SEVERE PAIN. And have been having major nerve damage pain ever since. Burning, Sleepless nights. Can't sleep on my stomache... which I have for 23 years of my life...

Well... not much has changed and I am still in severe pain all the time. This has affected my life, my finances, and my relationship because I don't feel sexy naked AT all... When I was flat I felt sexy cause at least i was proportionate and could be confident in certain tops and bikini's.

Now I'm guessing I am gonna have to undergo ANOTHER operation to correct my now twice f**ked up Boob Job by (THE BEST BREAST DOC IN TOWN) Worst decision I have ever made and I would do anything to have my cute lil boobies before and my $7000 back. (ahhh wishful thinking) I just hope I can get rid of the severe pain my left breast. =(

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Just don't do it! Unless your boobs are jacked up to begin with... because mine have been ruined!!

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