Breast Larger Than Other and Cc Size

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I did it to feel better about myself and to have...

I did it to feel better about myself and to have my breasts closer to the same size than previous. I also wanted them larger to proportion my body better as I have weight in my belly that I am trying to get rid of.

I would say they are pretty for the most part....

I would say they are pretty for the most part. They are not as large as I wanted them to be and I wasn't told that swelling should be taken into consideration when deciding on the implant size so what they should have done was say choose a larger implant because even though it looks large at the moment the swelling going to go down.

I never met my dr. until the day of the procedure and that was right before. I was under the impression that I would meet her the Friday before when I went in for sizing well that didn't happen. I was only shown 3 different size implants and was sized on one side and that was the larger side of the two. I think what should have happened was put an implant on both sides inorder to choose the right size. I am not the dr. or nurse so how was I suppose to know to do that??

I am sending you a before and after pic. They may not be the best but if you can give me some good advice or your opionion on this I would appreciate it.

My other question is why wouldn't they have chosen like 425cc or 450cc for the left and 400cc for the right as the right is the larger of the two? I am just not completely satisfied.

I had breast augmentation on Sept.29th. I had...

I had breast augmentation on Sept.29th. I had memory gel implants with 400cc on both sides. Before procedure my left boob was a little smaller and of course it's that way after surgery. My question is why wasn't a different size offered or mentioned before the procedure? When I tried them on I only tried on on one side and it was the larger side. I wasn't told to try on an implant on both sides at the same time. Should that have been done? My right breast looks and feels fuller and rounder than the left side. The left side is smaller to me and feels way more natural. With the left one being smaller wouldn't it have given a fuller look because of it being smaller? I am not completely satisfied and I don't know how to handle the situation without the dr. or whoever trying to make me pay more money when in my opinion should not have too. -- Updated on Nov 11, 2009: I had my implants done on Sept. 29th and I had Memory gel implants and they were put above the musle. I had 400 cc on both sides. The left side was originally the smaller side and still is. I wanted them to be the same that is one of my reasons for doiong this and the other is to feel better about myself. The right is fuller all the way around. It may not look that noticable in the pictures but I can feel it. I can feel the thickness when my arm is down. If the Dr. would have put either 425 or 450cc on the left side would it had put them closer to being the same? I also can feel the implant on the right side toward the center of my breasts. You can actually see it when looking down between my breasts. My dr. says that if she would have went with a larger implant for the left side then it would have made my left breast larger. I have a hard time believing that considering how much smaller my breast was from the right. I am not satisfied and I want it fixed. What can I do to make this happen? I have thought about going to the medical board and the BBB. I also had a drs. appt. this past saturday and if I hadn't called to let them know I was running late I wouldn't have found out that the dr. was not going to be there. No one bothered to call and let me know. I was driving 40 miles one way. I was so pissed about that and then the consultant said she would have the dr. call me this past tuesday which was yesterday 11/10/09 and the dr. did not call. Go figure. Any help from you all would be appreciated. I would like a dr. to please responde. Thank you, Tib -- Updated on Dec 5, 2009: I have had my implants for a little over 2 months now and my right breast, the nipple part is burning constantly. Has anyone had that problem or does anyone know what it may be? Please help me if you can. Thanks

Not at this time. I didn't meet her until the last minute before the procedure was done. I feel she should have been the one to do the consultation with me and go over the size of implants and everything a dr. should do for this type of surgery. That didn't take place and I didn't know that it was suppose too. Now I did do research on the dr. and was satified with that until after the procedure of course.

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