Breast Lift and Augmentation Was Soooo Worth It (Exchanged 365cc for 600c + Lift)

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My breast lift and augmentation turned out...

My breast lift and augmentation turned out PERFECT!!!!!‎ - I was very nervous because I have seen so many pictures of before and afters where the nipples are not symmetrical, and where one breast is higher than the other.

Well, my doctor did a PERFECT job on me. I originally had 365 CC's done in 1996, so I wanted a lift and an augmentation to go bigger. I also wanted my aureola (nipples) to be smaller. I decided on 600 CC moderate plus implants, and I could not be happier!! They are absolutley perfect!!

I would recommend my Dr. to anyone who is looking to have the perfect pair of breasts!! I have many friends who have implants that look uneven and the nipples are going in different directions. I am soooo glad I went with my doctor. I gave him pictures of what I wanted them to look like (I actually went to the Maxim and Playboy website, ha ha). I realisticaly did not think he could pull it off and make mine look like that, but he DID!!! And he charges about $4,000 LESS than the other 5 Bellevue plastic surgeons I went and had a consult with. (Most will charge $12,000 for a lift and an augmentation, and he charged around $7,800). I was weary of the low price, but honestly could not afford the higher price, so I went with him. I am sooo thankful that I did.

I could go on and on about him, but I will stop my rambling. I just know how hard it is for us gals to decide which doctor to go with!

The pro's are that I now have beautiful perky...

The pro's are that I now have beautiful perky larger breasts. The cons are that it does hurt pretty darn bad for the first few weeks.

The reason I did it is because when I first got them done, the doctor who did them told me that 365CC would be great for my body proportion. But from the first time I saw them I was dissapointed! They were NOT big at all!!

If I can give anyone advice, when in doubt, GO BIGGER! People think that 600 CC's is going to look like Dolly Parton or something, but they are actually not HUGE. They are perfect. I am 5'9", and pretty slim, and they are wonderful!! I got the moderate plus profile, because I wanted cleavage, but didnt want them up to my chin ;)

I am soooo happy I decided to go with the 600CC. I would have been so dissapointed with anything smaller. I now have the breasts I have always dreamed of.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Because my implants turned out PERFECT! They are 100% even, and the nipples are symmetrical

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