Breast Implant Drop - NY

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I am a 24 yr old that has thought about getting...

I am a 24 yr old that has thought about getting breast implants for a couple years. I was very scared at first but I knew that it was something I had and wanted to do because of my insecurity over my small breast size.

I feel that you should only do breast surgery if you are 100% aware and understand the cons of breast surgery. I am a complete type a personality person and I expect things to be perfect. Before my breast surgery I was so concerned about capsular contracture but I did not worry about having uneven breasts postoperatively.

Since my breast surgery I have been very insecure about my new breasts because of the significant difference in their appearance. I don't wear shirts that show cleavage because it is very noticeable, instead I wear loose clothing.

What is the likelihood that my right breast implant will drop and if so when? This picture was taken 6 weeks postop. I had started massaging my right breast 3 weeks after my surgery as per my surgeon's instructions. I have not seen a slight change in their appearance at all.

Preoperatively my right breast was the lower one, which doesn't make any sense to me...The morning after my surgery I felt the left implant drop right away. The right side had the most bruising/pain compared to the left.



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