Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong

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I got a breast augmentation done the beginning of...

I got a breast augmentation done the beginning of December 2008 and in about a month in a half later I got a red sore around it. so I asked my doctor if it was infected and he stated that it was not. So, the next day it was worse. I work at a hospital so I took a picture of it and asked another physician to look at it, which he stated that it was inflamed and prescribed me antibiotics. By the time I had my next appt with my doctor which was only a week away he stated that it was infected and took me off the antibiotics that the other doctor prescribed me and put me on cipro, which did not help. Soon after that, I had boil on the incision that turned into a giant hole larger than the incision itself, so my doctor just kept on telling me to wait to see if the cipro worked.

While waiting for about a month or longer with the hole in my right breast, I just wanted it taken out because it constantly had orange green puss coming out of it, and it wasn’t only little. It could have filled a cup about half way, so finally it was removed and about another month later, my left breast got infected, so I called my doctor and let him know that I was pretty sure that now the other breast was infected. He scheduled me an appt which by then the left breast had created two boils on a Thursday night, a really huge one and the other was really small. By the next night, which would have been Friday night, I laid in bed and all of a sudden the boil popped and it was really nasty. It was worse than the right breast anyways. It had a lot of puss and all the extra skin was just there and it was like white and green on the inside. Then maybe about an hour after the big boil popped, the little one popped and that one was even worse. It could have filled up a large cup size, because even though it was small I had a large towel that I had been cleaning the puss up with and that towel was all soaked in puss.

So come Saturday I went to my aunt’s house and had her look at it since she was a RN at a hospital and when she looked at it she started to cry, which really scared me, So she told me that it was really bad and that I need to go to the hospital so she took me and they said I was really dehydrated. They gave me IV's of fluid and antibiotics and they also did blood cultures and did cultures on the abscess, which happened to be staph aureaus.

So on Monday April 06, 2009 I had the left breast implant removed and the doctor stated that I could get them put back in the beginning of June.

I had an appointment about two to three weeks ago and he stated that I can’t get them put back until the beginning of July, which was fine with me, but I called them on Friday and talked to one of the nurses about getting blood cultures done hopefully soon so if I still had staph they could give me antibiotics. She stated that she would call me Monday, which is today, and let me know the doctor said no, I did not need one. But I stated, well how will he know that I don’t have staph anymore? I said I’m not going to have the implants put back in if I don’t know for sure that I don’t have staph anymore and she said well you shouldn't since we gave you antibiotics after you had the surgery. I told her no, I was not prescribed anything, the only antibiotics that I have had were given to me at the hospital through IV's and she said let me check your charts and put me on hold. When she got back on the phone she had nothing to say about them not giving me antibiotics after the second surgery all she said was let me talk to him and I’ll call you back tomorrow since he has already left the office today. I don’t know what to do, because I’m scared that when he puts them back in I’m going to get the staph again.

Not only that, he's a really nice doctor but he doesn't even show the patient that he cares because all he comes into the room for is about 1 min. He looks and says looking better and walks out, which makes me feel that it's only about money and with someone in my situation. I think he should try and talk to me about what’s going on and how I am feeling about all this but he doesn't, he doesn't even care to pay for a blood culture to make sure I don’t have staph infection anymore. So now I'm not sure on what to do? If possible could you please help me out as much as you can?

What should I do? I will send pictures as soon as I get them on a CD.

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