Symmastia - 2 Botched Breast Jobs!

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I had breast augmentation back in 07. I was a 36a...

I had breast augmentation back in 07. I was a 36a and had saline impalnts put in under the muscle through my arm pits. I went to a 36C.

Immediately after the surgery I noticed that the middle of my chest was elevated and the doctor said it was becuase it was swollen and it will go down. I knew deep down that something was not right becuase it actually felt weird but I listened to the doctor and just waited. After many months it still looked horrible. I asked the doctor about possible symmastia but he said no way it was all in my head basically. I knew in my heart that I wasn't wrong.

I waited 2 years, had spoken to another doctor and decided to have them redone. I went to Florida and spoke to a doctor who woud do an implant exchange from saline to silicone and do a breast list. He notcied the symmastia and said it was really bad and he will do what he can to fix it. I went through surgery and noticed the symmastia is still there, my breast are a different size, I have huge scars and my nipples looked like I burned them. I am so deeply depressed and wonder if there is a way to fix this.

First Doctor was in Boston Ma. Would I reccommend him, absolutely not! I had origional surgery becuase I felt self concious, wanted to feel more like a women in appearence. I regret doing that cause now I look deformed.

Is it worth it to have surgery again? If I remove them will the symmastia still be there? I have spent time and all my money and I don't know what to do, I am more self concious now than I was when I was small chested. Please give me some advice, I can use all the support and advice I can get. Thank you.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

If soemthing went wrong it is not his fault, he automatically puts the blame on his client. I should have noticed he wasn't a normal human being from the way he treats his staff in front of potential clients.

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