Left Implant Replaced Due to Capsular Contracture

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Had my left breast removed and replaced due to...

Had my left breast removed and replaced due to capsular contractor, and it did not help. The right breast is beatiful and soft. I have a great doctor, and he is very understanding, but I think we are both at our witts end.

If I have the left implant removed for a couple of months, then have it placed back, would that treat the capsular contractor condition?

I have tried to have the capsular contracture treated. I followed my surgeons advice, and had the scar tissue removed, and a new implant each time. It has been 4 surgery’s, and 4 years, to no avail. My right breast is beautiful, soft, and nicely shaped. The left breast is still high and not as soft. I have decided to have them removed. Can someone tell me what to expect, and how will my breast look.
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