Problems with Muscle Deformity After Explant

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I thought augmentation is easy thing to have once...

i thought augmentation is easy thing to have once you have money and looks and feels natural. Once i got implants i hated them. everything about them. they do not belong to your body.

you will be always aware of them. whenever you move your muscles or just walk.

i had explant (only after 5weeks having implants) and now 6 months post op. i have a big muscle deformity whenever i use pectoral muscle (even a litte bit) Deformity is mainly looking like a big gap between my breasts. I booked to have my surgery (very costy) to correct it but now got some other opinions about this.Now i do not know what is right.

I would recomment that anyone who ever wants to have augmentation done- will take really lots of time to do research. Pain was worst i ever had in my life. Feeling of a foreign subgect inside of you something which noone ever can discribe you. It does not feel natural inside at all.

Please think what if something will go wrong and you will not want implants.?? after removal your breasts (if you had small ones) will never return to the way they looked before. how would you feel knowing that you might be one of this cases? you never know untill you try.

i would not recommend implants to ANYONE unless it is the only way to feel better about body -image after cancer was removed.

If my thin capsule gonna be removed- will my muscle reattach itselt both to my sternum and under my breasts and deformity will be corrected? or it needs to be corrected by using Alloderm? (can it be done without?) I have now 2opinions which are totally different. Please, help me with answer.

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