Got 425cc Implants, Had a Baby, Now Want to Be a Smaller Size Again!

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In January 2008, I got 425cc implants under the...

In January 2008, I got 425cc implants under the muscle through the armpit. I thought they looked great but really they are just too big for my body. I wanted to be a full C. I ended up going from a perky 34A to a 36C/34D.

Then in May 2009, I had a baby. My breasts grew to a 36D. Some stretch marks formed but I would not say my breasts have sagged too much. I am now weaning my baby and should be done breastfeeding by the end of September. I would want to remove my implants but I know I would not end up with my old perky As. My thoughts are to get a small implant that would make me a B.

I ended up with beautiful breasts. However, they are the size of Playboy models and just not realistic for my body. Now that I had a baby, my breasts have some stretch marks but still look relatively nice. I had incisions under my armpit which are not too noticiable.

In the end, if I could turn back time, I would have kept my perky 34As and just worn some push-ups for special occasions. I feel fake now and I am not happy.

My questions: 1. Is it possible to go from a D to...

My questions: 1. Is it possible to go from a D to a B size implant and still look good? 2. Will I need a lift? I want to have more children and breastfeed, so I would prefer not to get a lift. 3. How long after I am done breastfeeding should I wait for a consultation? I feel like it would be nice to visit my plastic surgeon soon at least for a check-up. 4. I am thinking of going back to my old doctor since he did a wonderful job the first time with everything (except for size...) or should I got to a doctor who specializes in replacement? 5. Will the recovery (for armpit incision) be as extensive this time (example - no lifting for weeks)? 6. My dermatologist said I have "super elastic skin". Does this mean that my skin will be better at going back to normal? 7. Will this cost more or the same? Obviously, this has been on my mind for some time. Any advice would be wonderful! Thank you! -- Updated on Oct 20, 2009: I am getting a redo to go smaller. Long story short = have 425 cc saline, wear a 34D, but I want to be a B/C. Closer to a B because I would rather end up smaller than bigger. Doctor recommended 300cc. He was not interested in discussing any size in the 200s. I even asked multiple times. I think he thought the idea of me going to a B was silly. He thinks a C will look nice on me. My main priorities are looking natural, less top heavy, and fitting into clothes better. When I asked him to discuss something in the 200s just so I can see all options, he really did not even want to go there. I asked to see a 200cc to compare to a 300cc. He said that is like someone asking a heart surgeon if they can see their heart valves or something. I trust his advice and he seems very knowledgeable but this sorta made me uneasy because I am afraid of going bigger than I want AGAIN. He also recommended cohesive gel implants for various reasons (less rippling, feel firmer, more natural, less chance of rupturing.) I have felt some rippling with my saline, so I am interested to learn more about the cohesive gel. They also felt cool to hold, but I want to know more about them!! The doctor said "all the girls are getting them". Are they really better? I have another consult on Wednesday with a woman. I will be interested how many CCs she recommends! Please share thoughts and recommendations!
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The 425cc implants I have do not fit my small frame (thin, 5'7"). God gave me 34As and those are what fit my body best. I wish I could have just been confident with myself and my old perky As. The Ds I have now are just too big.

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