Breast Reduction and Lift, Tummy Tuck and Lipo of Neck and Abdomen

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I had surgery in July 09, two weeks before my 41st...

I had surgery in July 09, two weeks before my 41st birthday. I'm still not sure how I feel about the surgery and whether or not it was worth it.

I woke up from surgery with loss of peripheral vision in my right eye. Was told by the surgeon's on-call nurse that it was probably swelling so I never went to the emergency room. Spent the next three weeks going from the opthamologist to the neurologist to the cardiologist only to find out I have permanently lost peripheral vision in the upper left quadrant of my right eye as a result of either a blood clot or fat embolism. It could have been treated if the nurse had told me to seek immediate attention and I was on too much pain medication at the time to know that myself.

As for the breast reduction and lift, I was really hoping my breasts would be reduced from a DDD to a C but they seem more like a D. Definitley an improvement but I really wanted them smaller.

I'm hoping the swelling will go down over the next few months. However, I have open wounds under each breast. I was told they "blistered" at my second post-op appointment and to stop wearing the surgical bra. Now I change wet-to-dry dressings twice a day and the wounds aren't healing. I want the surgeon to re-do the surgery but it doesn't look like he will do it. Oh - and I had a tummy tuck and lipo at the same time and my stomach has a large gaping hole with a wound vac attached.

Very traumatic and inconvenient. I've lost wages and may have to go on medical disability. The nurse removed the JP drainage tubes too soon so I had to tolerate numerous aspirations of fluid not to mention the horror of seeing the inside of my abdomen when my incision completely opened up and had to be debrided. But gee I've lost 26 pounds and dropped two pants sizes. I like how I look when I'm dressed but still dealing with healing that has no end in sight.

So was it worth it? Probably not...

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The doctor is so concerned with keeping me optimistic about the recovery that he hasn't been truthful and upfront about the recovery healing and next steps. For example "you may need a wound vac if after the next two weeks you aren't healing and hit a plateau". Only to have the secretary call the next day to get my insurance information so the doctor could order the wound vac for my next appointment.

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