Breast Implants and Lift - Suffering Now Mentally and Physically

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I have had two augmentations and a lift. The first...

I have had two augmentations and a lift. The first augmentation the paperwork was not updated with the correct implants requested. So I received saline the first augmentation and then silicone for the second with a lift. There was six weeks in between the surgeries.

I noticed the day after the second surgery blood filled like bubbles around the tape that was placed around the areoli and down. This is my current condition within the picture I have attached. My DR is reassuring me this will close up with only a half inch wide scar, I'm not sure if I should beleive him.

I have to say I was excited in the beginning but suffering now mentally and physically. In all I would say I still would have had the surgeries.

Has anyone seen this before? Should I continue to beleive in my DR's current treatment of removal of scabbing with local and wet/dry dressing along with Ciprofloxacin 500mg?
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See my picture explains why.

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