Breast Implants Uneven-One Hasn't Dropped

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Hello- I had breast implant surgery 6 weeks ago...

hello- I had breast implant surgery 6 weeks ago (390cc's, saline, mod profile, under muscles).

My right implant has dropped and feels & look great. My left implant is still rather high, and has a different shape/contour than the left. I have been wearing "the band" since one week post-op. My surgeon doesn't seem concerned. I feel frustrated, as it has been quite some time since surgery, and they are obviously very uneven.

The experience was very painful... more than I had anticipated. So far, I am half pleased with my results. If my left implant would drop and settle, I would be thrilled. Right now, they look very uneven. I cover them up.

Update** I am now 10 weeks post-op, and not only...

Update** I am now 10 weeks post-op, and not only has my left implant not dropped, it now looks bigger and higher than it did before...I'm getting more and more concerned with each day that passes...does it look as though I need revision surgery? or capsular contracture? Any advice, input, etc, would be greatly appreciated!

Will my left implant drop? or will i need revisional surgery? How long does it take for the implants to fully drop, and even out? Kindly advise. Dianne
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