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It has been about 5 days since my surgery, and I...

It has been about 5 days since my surgery, and I have to say that, I've seen results since day one! I have read so many blogs about people that aren't happy, and I am not one of those people, THANK GOD. I was most frigtened by the actually surgery, but that went well also.

I was in pain when after surgery, but not enough to take the pain pills the first night. The second night was the KILLER! I broke down and took one. The lied when they said the first night was the worst, the second night was the worst for me hands down. I hate not be able to sit, but I knew that was gonna be an issue before the surgery. Overall,

I do hope that my butt keeps looking better. It's kind of hard, hopefully that goes away...OH, almost forgot! THIS DAMN GARMENT is gonna be your #1 enemy, it is so tight! I can't wait until i get to take it off for good and burn it!!!!!!!!

I wanted a bigger bottom!Well the only thing that...

I wanted a bigger bottom!

Well the only thing that was bad was I got on these blogs everyday hoping to find somoene that had good results, and I found only TWO, compared to the 30 who had bad results...Wish more doctors got more training on this procedure and how to do it properly...I love my results so far, I pray that doesn't change.

Dr. Alexander, Florida Center for Cosmetic surgery

the best!

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