Male Turned 31 - Took the Plunge with Botox for Facial Lines

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I've always had what I guess people have described...

I've always had what I guess people have described as a bit of a baby face. It is not uncommon for people I meet to tell me I have nice skin.

However one day when I was talking on the phone and laughing with a friend I went into the bathroom and caught myself laughing in the mirror and noticed some wrinkles around my eyes when I smiled and even forehead lines.

Of course, being male and being only 30 I felt a bit apprehensive about considering Botox. However after a lot (internet, talking to people, doctors, etc) of research I learned that sometimes the best time to get Botox is BEFORE wrinkles actually form on your face.

So, I took the plunge and chose a wonderful doctor who was my age and whom had Botox done on himself.

I had about 40 units but you may need more or less depending on the size of the muslces in your head, and the type of results you want.

The pain was just like having a flu shot (prick), and I could feel the most pain around my eyes - I guess because the skin is really thin there and sensitive.

The result? I love it. I guess the biggest difference is that I can no longer make any wrinkles to frown in between my eyebrows. That "angry" look that some people talk about before Botox - I was starting to get that a bit and that is also one of the reasons why I chose to get Botox. The angry look has definitely been replaced with a more content/relaxed exrpession. My doctor and I agreed that some expression was still desirable - therefore, I can still move my eyebrows (although less wrinkles are visible in my forehead).

As for the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile - I still have a few but it looks more natural. I appear more "rested". One of the things that had bothered me since turning 30 was that it took me longer in the mornings to be ready to face the day (especially after a night out!). Ever since my Botox - I wake up looking refreshed, which is how I used to look when I was in my 20's. That feeling is worth it just on its own!

Botox takes about a week to get full results, and I think around the 10th day, this was when I saw the final product. Interesting side effect is that my skin where the botox went in, got a bit shiny for a few days following the treatment. But I loved it - it gave my skin a nice healthy "dewy" look.

I'll definitely go back in 6 months to get a 2nd treatment. I would advise you to really find out all you can before you decide - don't forget to do your facial exercises for 3 hours following the treatment (basically squinting your face every 20 minutes to allow the Botox to get into the muscles).

Vain? Maybe - but the way I see it is - I buy a new shirt to make myself feel and look better, it really isn't that much different.

One more thing - I would be wary of 'discount botox' places that offer deals. Botox is something that should be administered by a professional - who will make recommendations based on your lifestyle, etc. For instance, I was fully prepared to get my complete forehead frozen , but was talked out of it by my doctor who said that a 30 something guy who cant move his forehead looks very unnatural - some wrinkles actually do make us look better.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is happy with their appearance, but who just want to look a bit more enhanced and more refined over all.

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