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Now this was worth it! I had just my eyes done...

Now this was worth it! I had just my eyes done (crow's feet and underneath) because my forehead has very faint lines and I have no 11 or 1.

At 3 days I am already starting to see results. I'm hooked and I only expect it to get better.

I had my first treatment in July 09 for crow's...

I had my first treatment in July 09 for crow's feet and LOVED it! After 2 weeks, I went back for a check and my doc decided to inject 4 more units (original injection was 16). I was thrilled! My crow's feet are not bad, a few lines on each side. Three months later I was due again and he asked me if I would like to try Dysport. This was strange because 3 months prior, he had told me that he hadn't used it much and would need to try it on friends and staff for "at least 6 months," but I said okay. Yes, the results are quick and were overall just as good but at 2 months, all the lines were back. I was due in December but didn't get back until mid-February. I told him the Dysport had disipated too quickly and wanted the Botox again. He injected the same 20 units as the first time but at 2 weeks, the lines were still very visible. He injected another 2 units. I am at 6 weeks and quite dissatisfied with the result. Usually I get the little lifted look and the open eye as he injects underneath as well. This time it doesn' look like I had anything. I questioned as to why and was told I now needed to have laser as the collagen needed  a boost. Really?

I have spoken to other doctors and patients who have been having Botox for years and most concur the dilution was probably off.  Maybe because his assistants actually prep the syriniges? In any case, that was $360 that I might as well have just set fire to. Needless to say, I have decided to move on to another doctor and have an appointment with a very well know, internationally renowned dermatologist. There are too many doctors out there doing this who are qualified but as tis is a cash cow for most, I think some get greedy and jam too many patients in and quite frankly, I don't want some medical assistant (sorry MAs but you aren't a doctor) having anything to do with my treatment. Same reason I would never go to a "spa" for this type of treatment. 

Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon

Wasn't satisfied with the outcome..rather than "own it" he tried to sway me into yet another type of treatment.

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