Found the Right Botox Doctor for Crow's Feet, Brow and Frown Lines

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Based on my own experience and the reviews on this...

Based on my own experience and the reviews on this board it is obvious that the outcome of a botox procedure is HIGHLY dependent on a good injector.

My first two procedures were done with the doctor that I am recommending. I did crows feet, brow and frown area. He took about a half hour. He studied my face had me smile, frown, make all types of expressions and dotted my face with temporary marker as he was doing this. He completely mapped out my facial expressions/muscles. His injections were gentle and virtually painless.

The results were that I looked the SAME but rested, younger, less wrinkled. I could still move my forehead yet 90% of the wrinkles were diminished. I thought it was fabulous. The second time with him my experience and results were exactly the same. However, the price is just a little high for my budget. So I thought I would try someone else.

Needless to say, I am not really happy with my less expensive results (done on May 31). However, they are live-able until it wears off so I am lucky. His injections were harsh. One of my crows feet injections bruised the size of a pinky fingerprint and just went away completely a few days ago. I think he put too much in the crows feet area (even though I told him I wanted a subtle touch). It has given me a strange smile. It's like the muscles that would move on the outer areas of the cheek to cause the crows feet are so frozen that the inner cheek area wants to over compensate and scrunch a little more.

Also I opted to skip the frown area as it is not too bad but it seems as I may need it because my outer eyelids are raised a bit too much (I have a bit of a spock) and it seems like I am frowning more as those are the only muscles that will move. Fortunately I look OK looking into the mirror, it's just when I am laughing or smiling hard that I really look very different.

Anyway, there was a huge difference in the overall experience and results. But had I not gone to this excellent doctor first, I may not have realized just how much of a difference great injecting skill can make. Again my lesson is if you can't get it done right DON'T get it at all. There is one injector in my area that I saw highly recommended on this board that is less expensive. I MAY try her when this wears off but I haven't quite decided yet. Otherwise if I can't figure out how to budget the good doc in then I won't do it anymore.

Santa Monica Facial Plastic Surgeon

Gentle, incredible natural-looking results, spent 20 minutes mapping my face with temporary blue dots where he would inject. Another 10 giving easy injections. Got the same results with him twice in a row.

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