Botched Sclerotherapy Caused Scars and Hyperpigmented Lesions

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I had multiple clusters of spider veins on my legs...

I had multiple clusters of spider veins on my legs. Doctor performed sclerotherapy. All he used to find my veins was a regular light. Ended up going though the veins & injected solution into soft tissue.

Now I have ulcerated scars on both of my legs (he made the same mistake twice!!). The skin surrounding the scar is now hyperpigmented. He said all we could do would be waiting for them to completely heal...then he would cut the original scar out & give me a new (smaller) scar.

Spent 9 months after procedure putting silver sulfadine cream on the lesions & covering with bandages. It has now been one year. Not only do I have the scars/lesions, but the bruising from the other veins that were treated haven't diminished.

Should he have used something else to find the "feeder veins"?. Is this the most appropriate way to treat the scarring? What can I do about the botched job?

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