Concerned About Bleeding and Infection After Breast Lift

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I had a breast lift 2 weeks ago.I have a blood...

I had a breast lift 2 weeks ago.

I have a blood clotting problem so they gave me blood thinning meds before surgery and a week after surgery I had to do it myself. But a week after surgery it started bleeding from the incisions, first under the nipple and then under the breast and now it's under both breast and below both of the nipples, it looks like a hole under the left breast and I can't close it.

I have already called my doctor and I also went to see him, he said I had an infection and it also hurts. he told me to just put a gauze under over it and change it every day, but when I do I rip everything up and it starts bleeding again, I can't get it to heal! and Im scared all the incision wil rip up and the scars will be huge.

The skin around the nipple on my left breast is also brown and hard, is that normal or what? Im also wearing a sport bra ( it's not really tight ) is that okai? should I wear something else? What should I do? my doctor doesn't seem to know alot.
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