I Have Changed my Mind - I Am Not Sure It Was Worth It

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Its day 3 for me. I was very nervous about...

Its day 3 for me. I was very nervous about getting the procedure because of all of the negative feedback you often read on the web.

I am 38 years old, fair skin, with a reasonably amount of freckles and some fine line around my eye.

At my appointment they gave me one week supply of prednisone to help with swelling, two days supply of valtrex to reduce the chances of cold sores, a weeks supply of kalfex to kill any bacteria on my face (reduce breakouts)that may appear. The gave me a gell face mask to use every hour for the first few days. Some face gell and water mist as well as a cleanser and ointment. So I would have to say they were very organized.

What made me nervous was that they also offered me Zanax (sp?) to mellow me out/reduce anxiety during the procedure and oxycodne to manage the pain.I don't like taking these things and I had to drive myself home so I could not take them. So I was nervous that this was going to be extremely painful. It really was not that bad. Yes it hurt a little, but not enough that I needed a break mid way through or felt that I had made a bad decision. the use a numbing cream on your face before the procedure and then blow cold air on your face as they are doing it. Really not that bad.

That night I did take some extra strength tylenol to help with the pain, but I was religious about icing, using the gell and water mist (every hour for about 5 hrs before I went to bed).

The redness is mostly gone. my face feels a little firmer in areas (which could be a small amount of swelling). I am still using the ice every couple hours and moisturizing every hour (cleansing twice a day). I am pealing alot and can't wait to see the final result. I am only givinga rating good because I have yet to see the full results - but so far so good.

Update: Mon May 25thIts been one full week and I...

Update: Mon May 25th

Its been one full week and I am fully recovered.  Not a freckle in sight and all fine lines are gone.  I am thrilled with the results!

I definitely would recommend this to those with fair skin.

Update:My freckles came back. Not all of them, but...

My freckles came back. Not all of them, but a enough to make me question if it was worth it. The milky colored skin I had is largely gone and I have some muddy coloring on my cheeks with some dark freckles. My skin is definitely better but it is a real let down to have zero freckles and then have them come back.I am just not sure it was worth what I paid given the results I got.  A series of peels may have given me the same result and cost less. From what I understand the longer you have had the sun damage, the deeper it goes and the greater the likelihood it will come back.

I am now using a whitening agent to try and reduce some of it. Does anyone have any experience with whitening agents?  My doctor gave me Even Tone with 8% Hydroquinone.  He said it would take about 8 weeks before I would see results. Any feedback on this product would be appreciated.

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Well prepared. Very cautious. Great staff/nurses

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