Active FX & Deep FX for Sun Damage, Facial Wrinkles

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I am now on day 6 after ACTIVE FX treatment on my...

I am now on day 6 after ACTIVE FX treatment on my face and DEEP FX under my eyes. I can't tell you how amazed I am with the results! My skin looks better than when I was 12 years old! No joke!

I had a lot of sun damage and wrinkles under my eyes and it's all gone!! I almost can't believe my eyes. I was worried about doing it because I've read some bad reviews, but I am so happy I went through with it.

I got my neck and chest done a year ago and was happy with the results. It really tightened my neck, and smoothed out my chest, but the face is much more dramatic. REALLY AMAZING! I spoke with my doc today and she said it's because they can't go as deep on the neck and chest so the results are less. Either way I was thinking about getting a face and neck lift and don't need it now.

I learned a lot through the recovery process that I want to pass on to whomever is reading this. It was very instrumental to my healing quickly. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to almost everything. So I decided that I would use all natural calendula cream on my face instead of aquafor (which has lanolin in it and clogs pores) and a little bit of the topical anti-biotic, Mupirocin, to reduce possibility of infection. I healed so fast and I have zero redness today (day 6). The calendula cream is a miracle healer. It's used for burn victims, rashes, name it. Any place my skin was red, I would put it on and in the morning the red was gone!

I used the aquafor when I did my neck and chest and it just kept the heat in and didn't allow my skin to breath. No oxygen equals no healing. Our skin needs lots of oxygen to heal. I would highly recommend using the calendula cream and a topical anti-biotic (lightly) every other night (can dry out skin if used too much).

Don't be alarmed in the first couple of days after the procedure. You will be very swollen around the eyes and red. After the second and third day, the swelling started to go down. You can use cool compresses around the eyes to draw the heat out. Every morning I would wake up after that third day, I was dramatically better than the day before. It goes by fast. Today is day 6. I have no redness and I can put on sunblock and a light mineral powder. I don't even have to wear base make-up anymore!! So happy! I HIGHLY recommend this procedure. Make sure you go to a good doctor though. It can make a big difference.

I am 35 years old and my skin looks better now than it has my whole life. I have turned back the clock at least 10 years with this Active FX laser and a little filler (go to Dr. Fitzgerald in LA, she is a genius!!!). Couldn't be happier!

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