Hematoma Formation After Skin Graft for Acne Scars - Australia

Treatment to help acne scarring. Subcision...

Treatment to help acne scarring. Subcision performed at the are first then skin taken from behind the ear and graterd into the area.

I develped a hematoma a few days after a skin grafting procedure to treat acne scarring. The Dr advised to leave it after day 5 and then gently massage it. The hematoma got larger and became organized. 3 Weeks later the Dr removed some of it. When taking the stitches out it looked a lot better but 3 days later it swelled up again. 5 weeks on it is now just a mass of skin. Slightly reddish and completely hard. Not really tender.

5 weeks out and I am left with a large hematoma. I fear this maybe a long term complication.

I fear long term scarring and disfigurement. Is there hope? If all the hardness is removed will it swell up again and I will be in a continuous cycle of treatment after treatment. What is causing the area to always swell up into a hard lump. I think it is the graft being rejected. Does the original graft need removing as well if this is the case?

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