26yr Old Male- Aqua Lipo - Charlotte, NC

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Hey everyone, this is my first post. My goal of...

Hey everyone, this is my first post. My goal of this and future posts is to simply state the facts, post my experiences of aqualipo and show you guys the results....lets begin!

First consultation was on 2/19/16. Consultation was $85 (they subtract this cost from your surgery price if booked within 30 days). The consultation was good but not sure if it was worth $85 imo. During this consultation you sign a bunch of paper work detailing your health history and what you are looking to have performed. Staff was nice but I did get the feeling as if they were trying to get 'the sale'. After you sign paper work they bring you into an office area to talk to you about your procedure (they do not mention the cost of your surgery during this convo.) After the conversation they escort you to the doctors office (waited about 5-10 min for the doc to arrive).

When the doctor arrived I told him the areas that I wanted to get done which were my chest, abs and flanks (they refer to flanks/luv handles as "hips" in this office). He proceeded to educate me on my body and what he thought I needed. Be prepared to look at a lot of other pictures of previous clients after he looks at your body. I felt that my body type was unique to the book due to my frame/build and the people that they had there were either really chubby/fat, slim with a gut but had no muscle mass or a guy that is really in shape with just a bit of chub on his tummy. After the doctor examined me I got ready and then we went back into the first office where i had the initial conversation about what I wanted to get done.

While in the office we discussed my "trouble" areas some more. At the very end of the convo I was given my price to have my chest, abs and "hips"( luv handles) done which came out to $11,320 after a $450 courtesy discount. That priced seemed extremely high especially since i didn't feel like this was something i 'needed' but just wanted. Note that before going in for my consultation i told them that my budget was $6,000 so they also gave me a second quote for that price but that included only my abs and "hips"(flanks). Even the $6k seemed high but since it was within my budget I decided to get this procedure.

My procedure is on 3/1/16. This has been sold to me as a quick recovery procedure with very little down time (meaning i can workout etc within 2 weeks). Will keep everyone posted on how it goes and will add pics shortly...

Doctor info:
Dr. Jeffrey Alan Ditesheim
9336 Blakeney Centre Dr Ste 130, Charlotte, NC 28277

My information:

26 yrs old
Jamaican american
Charlotte, NC
Works out 4-5 days a week
Eating is pretty healthy

Reason for lipo: Used to be very chubby as a kid-lost the weight in my teens-gained some of it back during college (party lifestyle)-lost it when i graduated (no more partying for me lol).

3/1/16 & 3/2/16 update


today was the date of my aqualipo. I was more nervous anxious anything, not really about the surgery but how my body would feel during the recovery.

So here is my experience during the surgery..
It took about 1.5 hours from me laying down in the OR to being completely finished with the procedure.
I did this under local which means that my areas (tummy & love handles) were numbed but I was awake!
The operation was pretty easy for the first 45 minutes but the last 10 minutes was HELL!!! I felt like i was being stabbed and burned at the same time (the pain was manageable but I did curse repeatedly waiting for the pain to be over). This wasn't the doctors fault as he said that I felt the pain due to me not having much fat on my right luv handle (flank). Note: When you do have enough fat in a certain area the aqualipo does feel like a massage (kind of like those hand held massagers that you find in costco)
After the procedure the nurses examined me and held me put on my garment and gave me instructions.

I was able to drive home and was pretty mobile. Once the numbing agent wore off I really felt the discomfort. It was manageable but definitely needed my friend to help me get on and off the bed/couch. Since i do not believe in taking pain killers i toughed it out through the night which resulted in me getting only 1.5-2 hours worth of sleep.

I did have a lot of leakage throughout the day and night.

Today was my post op visit. Other than it being painful to get in and out of my car it was an easy visit. The doctor did a quick examination of my body- instructed me to wear my compression garment 24hrs a day until next Thursday (3/10). After that I can go to wearing it 12 hours a day if I choose. The nurse and doctor said that they could see the difference from today and yesterday. In all honesty I felt like i didn't see much results from eye balling it but after looking at my pics I could definitely see a difference...really excited to see my full results in 3 months.

Before/After pics

Before (2/29/16)- After (3/2/16). I have about 3-4 pounds of fluid still..full results should come around May 2016
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Not much that I can say about my doctor right now as I have yet to get my aqua lipo.

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