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Let me start off by saying that Dr.Duran from the...

Let me start off by saying that Dr.Duran from the Dominican Republic almost killed me , left me in a mess as far as my body and ruptured my breast during surgery. It wasn't worth it and now because of her I needed to go back for correctional surgery. My ass was placed too high up my back gaining any kind of weight left me looking like a disaster and she left me with dimples ,flat spots,uneven skin and hips and lumps everywhere....

Years later I've chosen to do correctional surgery even disspite my anxiety and issues with being very scared due to what Dr. Duran put me through.
I needed my arms , tummy, flanks, inner outer thighs, hips , upper and lower back, and butt vaser lipo suctioned with fat graphing to the messed up areas . The surgery ended up being over 6 hours long ...I'm not healed completely yet but I'm pushing through with higher hopes this time around. So here's my story so far...
So before surgery I swore I had picked the right cosmetic surgeon.
He took the time to talk to me about what I wanted done , payed attention to detail, and talked backed to me and sounded like he was on the same page.
I got nervous towards surgery day because I hadn't heard back from the office other than to collect the rest of the payment. No one went over with my husband nor I about how to prepare, what to do , expect or bring to surgery....
Surgery day , things seemed a bit more overwhelming and hectic. At check in the woman was unorganized and asked me what surgeries I was having done...I told her what I know ...then she stated to me if its not on the paper they can't do it. I told her I need to ask my surgeon because I'm not sure of what everything he had in mind to do to fix me since it was corrective surgery.
I honestly didn't know what to do and the nurses at the hospital where pretty cold towards me as if I had already gone over things and they made me feel stupid which made me start to feel upset and built up with anxiety( mind you I was already nervous because of my last surgery complications)... It's freezing and you are directed to a large area with a ton of other patients in rollaway beds with only a curtain hanging to "separate" them from one another... I was told to get undressed and give put my belongings into a bag to give to my husband. I did what I was told. A nurse came in to set up my I.v....she did but it hurt and burned and I can see a bunch of blood flowing back into the iv tubes....she told me it was normal.
As for my pee test I'm not sure if they even too it. I had seen that they had placed the little sample tube on my tray , a nurse had knocked it off when she came through
the curtain ...I told another nurse who came through and she just kicked it under the tray table and said "oh, well get somebody to clean an that up"..... (I was wondering what about needing the sample for the test?) no one mentioned I guess it wasn't a big deal.
The anesthesiologist came in and asked me to remove all of my piercings. I would have had all this done but I needed help with two. One we got out and as far as the nose ring they where going to cut it out in the or. Room.
The dr. Came in and asked me to unrobe... He was very sort and seemed agitated. I asked him to close the curtain more because it was halfway open and people where walking by. He began to mark me up And asked me to be still and not talk. I did as he said. Towards the end he went over on a sheet what he was doing and I agreed and added to what my concerns about my body where once more before surgery .
Then I was told to get on the rollaway bed and wheeled into the or. They asked me to move myself from the rollaway bed unto the or surgery platform and lay on my back then the strapped my arms down I started to get nervous and cry ...but then I was out.
Waking up I was in a ton of pain and I heard a nurse telling me to wake up and open my eyes. I felt very tired and groggy and didn't want to just yet. I was trying hard to but wanted to just sleep. I could hear her talking to the dr about a "bruise on my hand" and how did it get there because the I.v. Was in the other hand...I answered them with it was just ink from marking me up...they laughed and said "the patient knows better than us". I was very thirsty and was asking for water. They brought ice chips but I thing I only managed a spoonful by the time I was asked to get my garment on.
Then I was sat up by two nurses barley still able to keep my eyes open. I heard them speaking Spanish it it made me nervous and reminded me of the Dominican. Then they where directing me to put my garment on. I tried but I was in too much pain to do it on my own. It was too hard to pull up or bend because I just had my arms and mid section done. They asked my husband to help and he said he didn't know how. They called the dr. to show them how , I was handed my drains to hold onto and eventually we got it on. I was so thirsty I asked for some water and they brought me a juice box.
The nurse asked if I could walk and I said no, so I was wheel chaired to the door went over a big bump and waited to topple out....but didn't ,then walked the rest of the way to the car. It all seemed very quick.
My friend was there to pick me up and follow my husband home in the truck because her car was easier to get in and out of. We made our way to the security gate. My husband pulled through first showed them his I.d. and told them that his friend was behind him driving his wife who just had surgery . The guard asked for my friends I.d. She showed him. Then he asked for friend told them I just had surgery and that I didn't have my I.d. He then said he couldn't let me in. She argued with him, stating that that was my husband in the truck in front of her and my belongings where with him... Again saying I just had surgery. Me neither you that I'm sitting there in my garment and a blood soaked green robe.....He was mouthy so I yelled lifted up my bloody drains and screamed "I hurt! I just want to fucking go home!" "I have no where to keep my I.d. " that's my husband!" My husband stopped at the gate got out of truck seeing we where having issues and said "why does my wife need I.d.!? She lives here!? I said they where with me , that's all that matters! They don't need I.d. And my wife just got out of surgery!" My husband stated he was talking to the mans manager and H.o.a for the controversy he had caused.
Finally I made it home. My friend and husband helped me to the couch . I fell asleep but then woke up to my Siberian husky in my face. I then realized the couch was a bad idea because she always spases out and jumps on the couch. So I made my way to the bedroom. I had asked my husband if they gave us any chuckles to put on the bed and he said no holding up a brown paper sack stating that that's all he was given. I asked for my meds and he told me to hold on while he figured out what pills where what... I was kinda shocked and asked " what do you mean? Didn't the nurses and dr. explain to you what each was and what for? Don't you have an after care packet of some sort?" He said no...I said that's strange.

The next day we had to go back to the dr.s Office . In the room one of the girls looked me over and asked if I had changed any of my bloody pads out...I said no and she asked why ... I told her that I wasn't given any fresh to take home in order to do so...she was shocked switched mine out and gave me some along with chuck pads. She told me And my husband that we needed to change them out regularly to prevent infection.She also emptied my drain out and asked my husband if he was shown how and he said no...again shocked she showed him how and how to measure the fluid. She also showed him how to switch my pads out and told him to write out how much drainage he empties. When we where done we where told to schedule the next appointment a week out. There wasn't spots for an exact week so we made an apt for the next available time.

At the next dr. Appointment I had some really bad chafing and my skin had been rubbed raw around my bum and private areas... They told me that this can create an infection and that I needed to keep it clean and dry with powder ,as well as my garment...they asked if I had changed my garment out and I said no, I wasn't given my extra that I had paid for yet , just the one. She also asked if I had been bathing. I told her only with wash rags and baby wipes because I was told that I couldn't shower until my drains where out. She also asked if I had made a b.m yet I told her no and that I was very constipated and it hurt badly to go. She suggested a suppository and lemon water.The dr. Came in and noticed how swollen I was and told me he wanted my drains in for another few days and to come back to remove them. He also asked my husband to keep track of the amount of drainage. I went home very swollen and not feeling well at all.I asked my husband for my pills and if there where any other pills in the bag he said yes....I got irritated and asked him what they where...stole softener and antibiotics!!!! I got even more angry with my husband for him not even bothering to read what they where and give them to me and angry at the nurses at the hospital and the dr. For not going over the meds with him to begin with... Then angry because I had to painfully sit in the hot car for 30 while he waited in line for the suppositories ...I was pissed and complained "no wonder I can't poop and feel so sick! I haven't had any antibiotics! Do you want me to die?! Don't you think if there's other pills in the bag it might have been wise to see what they where because I must clearly need them?! "

The next apt I waited in the waiting room a while longer than usual. Finally they brought me into a room and helped me take off my garment. I was getting anxious because I hurt and was cold sitting and waiting on the dr. Finally a nurse came in and i asked her how much longer for the dr? She stated that it wouldn't be much longer. I then asked her for some water because I was very thirsty. I finished my bottled water and text my husband if he could ask the front desk when the doc would be in and they told him in not to long...finally I text my husband they must of forgot about me and that I wanted to go home ....I wasn't given a robe so I couldn't come out there for help. He again asked the front desk if they knew when the dr. Would see me. Eventually almost two hours later of waiting in the nude the dr. Comes in...I told him I thought that they had forgot about me and was about to text my husband to get help for me to get my garment back on to go home. And that if I knew I was going to be waiting that long I would have taken a pain med.All he said was that he was busy. He preceded to take out my drains then looked me over and said "yup she has a really bad yeast infection!" I said "NO! Dr. Remember you had me put powder down there from my skin being rubbed raw!? Besides it smells like powder! Wouldn't it stink if it was a yeast infection?!" He said "OH yeah!" And laughed and asked me to flip over, I told him I cant because of my arms so he said to just get on all fours...awkward...he told me I was very swollen....anyways he was in and out in less than five and didn't say much and I didn't get to ask much. I made an appointment at the front desk to start my versa massages.
When I went home I went to bed because I felt like garbage and hurt. I woke up with a fever and really bad bags of fluid where my garment was cutting the flow off and decided to find my old garment and not wear that one anymore because I thought it was the cause of most of my issues. I put it on and went back to bed . I woke up in sweats glad because I knew it meant that my fever broke. My body was in so much pain ,very hard and swollen , but the bags of fluid where going down and this garment wasn't rubbing my bum and private area so I knew it was better already. I couldn't wait for my massages to start to help with the pain from feeling like I was going to pop!

Finally I got to my massages appointment. A nurse started the Vera on my tummy. Another nurse came in and checked out my arms and thighs because I was so swollen , she said that I had severe edema and needed lymphatic system drainage massages... They hurt like no other! Worse than child birth! I swear! On the way out to schedule another apt. I asked the girls at the front desk for some better pain meds because the ones they gave me where not working and that I don't handle pain well and I could not sleep. (The pain pills prescribed where basically the lowest mg and like taking Tylenol.... I had surgery on my inner outer thighs, my flanks, mid section , lower back , arms and bum....I think I could use some better pain killers, And some sleep to heal properly. )They said they would take note and ask the dr. Because they needed him to call it into the pharmacy. I said ok .
By the time my next massage appointment I was dying! I mean like Verruca Salt in Willy Wonka needed to be "juiced" I asked her at the front desk if I could schedule my massages closer together and she stated " No, because she could only schedule me those for once a week"... I also asked her if the doc ever called in my pain meds and she said " No, I forgot, I'll let him today"...I wanted to cry. I told her that I would call to check in remind her since he had to call my prescriptions in himself.
I went home and on Monday when the dr. Was in I called to make sure they had asked him to call in my pain meds. I reached the lady in charge of the payments. She told me that they where unavailable and that she would leave a note for them and have them call me back.(this was still during the third week of my recovery)

(Almost in my 1 month mark) By my next appointment no one had called me back about my pain pills still! And I was also agitated because I had so many questions about recovery and no one was answering them. I feel so alone in this and I'm getting depressed because I don't know what to do and what not to do to help recovery and the physical things I can and can't do ... No ones said a thing....I asked the girl at the front desk about my pills and she said " he said no" I asked her why feeling like some kind of druggy junkie....she said "because your too far out not" I was fuming! I told her that over two weeks ago I had asked her for pain meds with no help because she for got to tell the doc the first time and the second time never called me back! Upset I asked her some other relative questions but she cut me off and said she didn't know and that I had to ask the dr.........I'm so upset and feeling hopeless at this point because no one can help me and the next time she had available for me to even get to talk to the dr. Is on Friday the 7th... I told her that I have to rely on real self to try and answer any questions because the lack of help and I'm just confused because I'm getting mixed answers from real self.... She told me all I can do is wait on the doc.

Feeling upset n lost I went in for my massage. I asked the nurse if I had the same Vader lipo surgery on my arms then why didn't they do the versa machine on them too ? She said she didn't know and that they had to ask...I told her I don't want loose skin and that I didn't want to have another surgery for that too. Then I told her my worries about my upper back and bra roll. I told her that I noticed it hadn't been done , but I watched the doc white it down during surgery. She looked at it and grabbed at the fatty areas. I told her that it didn't hurt or feel numb like the other places he lipo suctioned. She agreed. But said maybe that it was just loose skin and recommended treatment for it then she grabbed my charts. Sure enough it had been written down a few places. I promised her him and I talked about it. She went and asked the other girls about it and they told her if it's in the chart he must of so she asked if she should be giving treatments on that area as well...they told her no for now and they had to ask the doc permission. At this point in my head I'm so pissed off and not understanding why...I know for a fact he missed my bra roll and upper back because it still completely the same and untouched! It doesn't hurt at all like the rest of me and there's no incision other then by my arm! I asked the other girl why there was no back incisions then if I had it done? She pointed by my arms I said "how?" She motioned with her arm as if holding a lipo cannula "like this" she motioned...I asked then how did he do my upper arms and she pointed at my elbows... It didn't make cents to me since I had high definition on my arms and there was a lack off incisions other than on my butt crack .... Last time they did my back I had incisions on my back....I mentioned the flat spots on my ass and told her all my dimples where still there from before surgery that the doc and I talked about and her proclaimed he would graft them and cellulite treat them...she stated its too early to tell , and to wait longer because my butt is still taking shape!.? now I left the office hurt and pissed filling like a lost ass druggy liar! Freaking $20,000 later and things are still not going very well....
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This office only really deserves a good review due to my massage nurse right now...she's the only one who's been helpful in recovery...without her after care here is crap. So I'm rating just the dr....I'm unsure about my results as of now because I'm still in the process of healing ...

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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