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Eres allowed me to do a same day drop in...

Eres allowed me to do a same day drop in consultation given that I was in Miami only for 1 day. They told me when I got there that I could not see Dr.Fisher b/c he was booked with follow ups. So Mirelys Acosta (surgical coordinator) tried to help.She could barely speak English & was dismissive to what I was asking. I wanted to talk with at least a medical staff who I could ask specifc medical questions to and to discuss to see if my body request is realistic given my body composition. She then later let me talk with Fisher's assistant. The assistant comes into the office take a picture and ask my weight/height for bmi and then just said I'm a perfect candidate WITHOUT answering MY questions. I already knew I was a candidate. Then I asked Mirelys is she had a bbl which she did and Fisher did hers 2 years ago. It looked decent but a bit droopy. She said she was only in pain for 3 days (GTFOH). She was SO focused and aggressivw with trying to get the $1000 to lock in the date and keep the "promo" fee which she said it will go up around tax season. Also when I was in the office with her people KEPT just walking inside. I felt like their office manners are not the best especially when folks are spending a nice piece of money and are about to potential get a life changing procedure that will them in either a positive or negative way in their life. I left out of their office and never put my deposit down. I feel like this, if you cannot at least MAKE me believe you care up front, I know how you will really treat me once you got me locked in. I won't put my life at risk just to hurry up and get something that I may later regret. Plus Vanity Miami/Now Eres Plastic Surgery has been on the bad list with their doctors too much lately e.g. Dr. Hasan and Omulepi. Now I have to go back to the drawing board to research another doctor. On to the next doctor... 
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Never got to meet Dr. Fisher but the surgical coordinator wasn't the most pleasant. And I get it that Miami has a lot of Spanish speakers but they really need to be FLUENT in English.

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