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I just want to say how disappointed I am with my experience through Destination Beauty and will not be recommending the company to anyone I know or anyone that asks. Everything is made to sound so great until you actually get there, pay the money and then no one seems to care. Their Facebook page promises "you will never be alone" and that is far from the truth. I had 2 visits from Destination Beauty in 7 days at the hospital for a total of 5 minutes (that's being generous with time.) Dr NJ came in 3 times to ask if I'm ok and would walk out again. I thought an email from DB before I left Australia would have been the right thing to do to make sure I am packed, ready to go etc. but I heard nothing. It took 2 months to confirm payment had been received for the 50% I deposited. When at the hospital, the nurses did not speak very good English at all and I was always left wondering what the hell was going on. I was by myself and had no idea. Destination Beauty did not want to take responsibility for anything. I kept asking for food and they would say yes, I could eat but I was left without anything for 4 days. I kept asking for my dressings to be changed and they were only changed 3 times in 7 days. They would wet them in the shower and I would ask them to be changed but they act like they did not understand. I also paid 1000 thai baht for my first pair of arm compressions. I then purchased another pair so I could keep washing them as my arms were leaking badly and they charged me 1500 thai baht for the exact same pair. I was also quoted by DB in an email that the compression bra would be between 1500-1800 thai baht but I was charged 2000 thai baht. Richard, the driver would drive too fast over bumps on the road (never less than 80km, but usually 100km) and everyone I spoke to was in pain after every car trip we had with him. Their website says they have drivers that drive carefully. That is far from the truth too. Once back at the hotel, I got a call saying the nurse would be at my room at 5pm. I ended up leaving at 6pm to go to dinner with some girls I met and the nurse was at the elevators and gave me a gauze pack to dress my own wounds. So I did not get a nurse visit at all, like promised. I left Thailand with a 3cm long x 2cm wide open infected hole in my arm that no one wanted to take responsibility for or even accept the fact that it IS infected. Nurses kept trying to tell me it was ok but I KNEW IT WASN'T. I told them for 4 days in the hospital that something wasn't right but they kept saying "oh no, it's ok, it's ok" and I said no it isn't but no one would listen to me. My friends at the hotel were re-dressing my arm for me because I was left in tears from no one listening to me. It wasn't until they went up to Destination Beauty office and demanded they send me to hospital, that something was slightly done about it. I am lucky I left Thailand early to come back to my doctor otherwise it would have been a lot worse then it already was!! The Destination Beauty girl at the hospital. I think her name is Joy, is very very very unprofessional. Yelling at my friend while he was trying to tell her my arm is not right and something needs to be done about it. Still then, they were trying to tell me it's ok. An infection is not ok and I really think something needs to be done about this before someone dies through the hands of this company. Also Dr NJ yelling at me in my face trying to tell me he removed my drains when he didn't. Nurse Aom removed my drains. He needs to learn some manners. I could go on about a lot more but I won't. I am just lucky to be home with better aftercare than DB amd their doctors/hospital provide. A lot is promised but nothing delivered so I will not be recommending you at all. I am still waiting to hear back from DB about my surgery results. My cuts on my boobs being totally different, my belly button looking like something out of this world and my arms still opening up. I am just over 3 months post op.

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