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I am married, 49 years old, have 2 children, (1...

I am married, 49 years old, have 2 children, (1 c-section and 1 vaginal birth). I have a very active sex life. I have occasional stress incontinence. I've been researching the O Shot for urinary incontinence as well as increased sexual pleasure. I've read Dr. Charles Runels research on line and I've also read his book "Activating the Female Orgasm System". I looked up trained physicians online.

There are no physicians local to me the nearest would be 4 1/2 hours drive one way. My husband had a business trip planned for Las Vegas, and I planned to go along. I looked and found a trained and certified Dr. in Las Vegas who had been trained by Dr. Runels to do the OShot Procedure. I contacted Dr. Leo Capobianco by e-mail and asked him all of my questions, and about price and his availability. He responded right away, answered my questions and was able to schedule me a consultation appointment while I was visiting the area. He said that if during the consultation we agreed that I was a good candidate for the procedure, he could preform it at the same visit. I really had a good feeling about him even before I got on the plane, and a few days before a nurse from his office called to answer any additional questions I might have. She said she had also received the treatment, and that she would be attending when I came in for my appointment.
3 Days before my appointment I began to prepare by eating and drinking things that would increase my blood platelets, and blood cells.
1 Day before I made sure to get and stay hydrated.
Day of I continued to drink water, and wore loose comfortable clothing.
The day came and my husband and I arrived at the beautiful Allure Cosmetic Laser Center (they just moved to this location, the address has not yet been updated on the OShot info page). There were several pages of paperwork for me to complete, including a medical history questionnaire. Dr. C. reviewed my paperwork, asked me for more info and explained the procedure, how it worked, and when I could expect to see results. He said he's had 80% success rate, and that the treatment seems to last about 18 months. I explained that in the past technicians have had great difficulty finding a good vein to draw blood from. Dr. C, is also a Trauma physician, an educator, and an ER doc, so he didn't think that would be a big issue. He said I was a good candidate and we proceeded.
My husband and I went to the exam room, I removed my skirt and underpants.
Dr. C. was very patient and gentle as he looked for a good vein, he thought he found one, but it wasn't a giver, he finally found one on my wrist, the blood came out a drop at a time, but he eventually got enough out of it. While it was in the centrifuge, I was given numbing cream and told to apply it to my clitorus and the entire surrounding area, and to reach up inside to the top of my vaginal opening. I know I probably applied to much, but the nurse smiled and said it was better to have good coverage, the Dr. would wipe away any excess. When the time was up, the Dr. was very pleased by the amount of platelet rich plasma (PRP) he had to work with. He explained that once he mixed the platelet rich plasma with the calcium chloride solution he would need to act fast to inject it, because the mixture thickens quickly.
Dr. C. told me each time he was ready to make an injection, I was completely numb on the outside, so I could feel pressure, but not exactly where he was touching. He reminded me to keep breathing. I had about 5 injections. Boy did I feel them. It seemed like with each injection my tissue and muscle just cramped up! It was crazy, but it only lasted a few minutes. When he finished the nurse gave me some wet gauze to clean up with, I did have some bleeding from the injection sites. I got dressed (glad I wore black underpants, but I also took along a thin panty liner). Dr. C. came back in and explained that 5-10% of patients experience hypersexual effects from the injections, but most people won't notice a difference until week 2 or 3, when the collagen has time to regenerate and rejuvenate the vaginal tissue. He recommended that I continue to do Kegel's, and that when I use a public bathroom I sit (using seat covers, or lining the seat with toilet paper) whenever possible rather than squat/hover, to allow for complete emptying of my bladder, and never to hold my urine -go when needed. I was advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for 24 hours.

The Dr. asked me to please call them if I experienced any problems, and to please contact them in a few weeks to let him know how the procedure worked for me.

The PRP Therapy (O-Shot) for Urinary Incontinence was not covered by my insurance at this time, but some policies might cover it.

The Details

Well I am well passed the 2-3 weeks post procedure point. Here is my outcome...my stress incontinence has improved although I do leak a drop or two if I have a very full bladder and sneeze or laugh too hard. So empty bladder as needed and have no leaks! I have not noticed an increase in sexual desire, and I don't have any increase in sensitivity. I think I had injections in 5 areas, I do not know if the Dr. places the injections in different areas to treat different symptoms. ie: did my Dr. place the injections to focus on urinary incontinence, or to enhance sexual pleasure? Or does treatment for both problems occur with injections in the same areas? At any point, my husband says I DO feel different inside to him, perhaps a bit "tighter", but not a lot. My clitorus, unfortunately, did not get larger or more sensitive. To me, I feel like my Labia Majora is a bit thicker, and my pubis area a bit more spongy too, not in a bad way though. I have read that results are really noticible after a 2nd treatment. I am planning to have the procedure repeated between 12-18 months and will make my conclusions then.
Dr. Leo Capobianco

Dr. Capobianco and his staff are so thoughtful and considerate, they really worked with me to set up my appointment as I was traveling and only in town for a few days. The key was I contacted their office well in advance. Juliette was wonderfully helpful and informative. I felt very comfortable with them and their professionalism and experience.

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