This Starts from 2003 After I Had my Son. (I AM A SOON TO BE A DR. O DOLL! FACTS!)

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Hey everyone, I am Legacy , and here is how my...

Hey everyone, I am Legacy , and here is how my personal journey started . Do you all remember shows like DR. 90210 or Extreme Makeover . Well after watching these shows and doing my homework. I started planning my trip to Los, Angeles in 2009, I saw a few doctors (see pics). I thought I had made up my mind with Dr. Griffin . He was so nice, respectful and answered all of my questions. HIs price was like Woooow, (but even still I was ready to pay until read on) My sister had went along with me, and asked many questions as well. I was told to lose 40 pounds before surgery so I would look my best. I returned back to my city and started working on my next trip so I could get all my work done . In the beginning I wanted a tummy tuck and boob job. I was so getting this money right then my doctor said you know I think I have a great idea for you. She knew I had tried all types of weight loss diets. Then she said do your research on sleeve surgery. After looking into it, and not having to come out of pocket , I was like yup this is for me. I had a few test done, group meetings and blood work ,and I two more test I can't think of right now, before I could get it done. I also had to go see a therapist for a month (like I really felt like telling her my life) lol. Remember not everyone is supportive about plastic surgery or any surgery you choose to have, so only tell those who u feel will have your back no matter what! ( yup, I told a few family members and friends and they were not team Legacy , so I decided , they will no longer hear about my journey for me!!!!!!) I got it all done and was well on my way for (Vertical Sleeve Surgery). 03/18/2013 was my day. I was so excited and scared at the same time. I went in early with my boyfriend and my son. I kiss them bye and was like I will see ya'll soon. The sleeve surgery was from 12:00 noon and done at 4:00pm . I had to be at the hospital at 7:00 am. Just to get the ball rolling , you know finish up some unsigned paper work and get all hooked up to many things in the operating room. OK, I made it out . I was so out of it my Boyfriend said. I kept coming in and out saying I made the first step, now I am ready to work even harder to get my weight down . I was 265 and came down to 170 but still was not happy with my weight. Yes my clothes fit better but I still had this tummy and my boobs look sad to me. I tell you after going back to work everybody was like wooooooow you lost so much weight, the attention was crazy. My Dr. Aley EL -Din Tohamy, he is the best and very respectful. I liked the attention but hated it as well. Funny right, In my mind I still wasn't done yet . I am now planning my second surgery, which will be with Dr. Andrew Jimerson Aka (Dr. Jcurves) Yup as seen on TV, (LOVE AND HIP-HOP) Atlanta Board Certified Plastic Surgeon! Ok, I almost forgot to say what I am having done. Buttock Augmentation with fat grafting with a full tummy tuck , the following year I will be having my breast done by him as well. As you know I am knew to this site, I recently read so many things about the Dominican republic and started looking on youtube and watching some videos about some of the women here in the states that had gone down there and had some work done . I was like Wow! I HAVE NOTHING BUT THE UP MOST RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY DONE IT , AND LOOK GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! But I just don't think that's for me, (WHY) I read both good and bad stories about going and not being treated right at these recovery houses. I am the type that can't stand pain so I know I would have to be in the states ( I need the right type of meds on time so I good). The fact that the meds they give you after surgery are not strong enough for surgery type pain has me blown away! Also note, I had already seen 12 dr.'s before making my mind up . Well I already know I will in Atlanta Ga, at my sister's house for my recovery and my other sister will be flying with me is a RN so I feel like I will be in the best of care at my sister house (also with God on my side I can do anything!!). The cost of things I am going grab from Walmart before we fly out still have yet to put a cost but knowing me $300 or less. I know I need to get my hair braided so I can leave it in for at least 1month cost $200( plus designer touch oil sheen and Dax pomade with lanolin, bergamot, olive oil, and castor oil $10.20 from my local hair store. Soon as we touch down ATL, my sisters and I will go food shopping. My sister who is traveling with me will meet me in my city (she is flying in). Then two days before we leave for ATL . We shall go over my packing list . ( I will make a video). I will be eating lighter than normal right after surgery so I will grab some protein shakes and chewy vitamins cases of water, two bags of ice. Anyway I will post pics of all my stuff with prices . (sharing is caring) !!!!!!!!!! Here are a few pics to start off. Soon to be a J.Curve Doll! Facts!

Here are some of my wish pics. ( FYI I dont really want to look like these women just a better me) But I think you get the body

I have been on the web all day looking for pics that are maybe close to my body . My shape is something like Shekinah from (Ti and Tiny show) . I am 5'3 and 170 in weight. I have very smooth skin and the fact that I am dark skin is even better , when it comes to scars. I heal very well but my scars, I can see lightly. Its like they heal like a keloid then get flat and smooth right in my skin, sounds crazy, I know but I am just trying to give you a better understanding. I am thick and short.

So I am on instagram and out of the blue (RAH ALI) FROM LOVE AND HIP-HOP

Her body is right........ It's just how I see my new profile after I am Dr. Jcurves Certified. I will post some pics later today. But if yall have an instagram go see what I am talking about. You will be like yup she is official. lol I have a question for yall ladies, does anyone have sciatica ? Let me break it down for you (why) I recently had a slip and fall (at work) and had to have knee surgery. I am now 2 months and 3 weeks out of that, but I started having pain in my booty. So, I spoke with my doctor and after looking at my MRI he said my lower back pain is coming from my disk which is pinching my sciatic nerve. Yes, I am in therapy for my knee and it's has improved, but this pain in my booty meat is there. I can't sit long because it hurts and standing for long is already a no no but it feels better at times. I have workouts that I do to help. I recently had shots in my lower back to help as well with pain. The fact of the matter is I am know I am still getting my bbl with fat grafting, plus boobs the flowing year. I am just healing up so by the time next year comes I am physically ready for my journey.

Ok, So I Reading So Many Different Reviews

I am like Yesssssssssssssss, for some and Ohhhh Nooooooooooo, Like I have to pray! This site is very informative and I am so grateful for all of you ladies sharing your stories or experiences. Now, I have also read about how some of us have lost our self in a relationships and more. I am reading a few books which I will post the first one is called '' YOU BEING BEATIFUL" BY MICHAEL F. ROIZEN, MD AND MEHMET C. OZ, M.D. This book is really good , it talks about wellness in and out , plus things you can do on a daily. Always love you no matter what!

Hey Ladies , Here Is Another Great Guide To Plastic Surgery

Hey ladies, here is a guide to plastic surgery for women. I started reading this a few years ago. It has helped me so much and I would love to share it here with you all. ''INTERNET GUIDE TO COSMETIC SURGERY FOR WOMEN BY M. SANDRA WOOD''.
Learn to use the Internet to find important information on cosmetic surgery procedures—and the right surgeon to do it!

Hundreds of thousands are considering cosmetic surgery of some sort. The question is where can you go to find out what is right for you? The Internet Guide to Cosmetic Surgery for Women gives you the advantage of finding out everything you want to know about cosmetic surgery—from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This comprehensive resource guides you through the mountains of information on the Internet, providing a thorough listing of Web sites detailing every aspect of plastic and cosmetic surgery for every body part, as well as presenting strategies for finding specific information you are looking for.

The Internet Guide to Cosmetic Surgery for Women gives you the tools to find information about a specific procedure, learn the surgery’s advantages as well as risks—even how to locate the best surgeons for the procedure. The book provides screen shots to illustrate Web sites, information on where to find the latest important statistics and data, and helpful definitions for cosmetic surgery terms.

The Internet Guide to Cosmetic Surgery for Women not only lists Internet addresses and basic sites on cosmetic surgery, but also reveals where to find quality information on:

• the costs of surgery
• selecting a cosmetic surgeon
• liposuction
• calf implants
• tummy tucks
• thigh lifts
• buttock liposculpture
• buttock augmentation
• belt lipectomy
• breast surgeries, including enlargement, lifts, reconstruction, and reduction
• cheek implants
• facelifts
• jaw augmentation
• laser skin resurfacing
• lip augmentation
• nose surgery
• cellulite treatment
• Botox injections
• hair removal
• hair transplantation
• scar revision
• wrinkle treatment
• chemical peels
• cosmetic dentistry
• and much more!
The Internet Guide to Cosmetic Surgery for Women is an essential guide for anyone interested in or considering plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.


This magazine is very good. It's a monthly magazine, and it tells you all the things going on in plastic surgery today. I also enjoy the spa's they speak about. Yes, top of the line!

Random Pictures of (RAH-ALI ) She is all of that!

Can't wait , everyday I am researching and finding out more and more .



Listen to this Ladies, so as I have been reading and looking at pics . I am almost about to change doctor's . (Why) this doctor goes in and his staff is so nice. Shout out to Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was only last night I sent over pics of my self and received a quote of $4,000 from the doctor. I was told to do my bbl first. I was also told that I can still do my tummy tuck at a later time, if I still needed it at all she said. I am still looking to get these boobs done. Its between Dr. Andrew Jimerson, MD and Dr. Osak Omulepu for the work I am seeking to have done.


Dr Osak Omulepu

We have a special right now for $4,000

The special also includes:
•Liposuction and sculpting included – Lower and upper abdomen, lower and upper back, left & right flank, left and right waist.
•Transfer to the buttocks & or hips if wanted by the patient.
•Surgeon Fees
•Surgery Room fees
•Anesthesia Cost
•Blood Work
•1 Garment
•1 compression socks
•EKG (If needed)
•1 year Follow up

Things you should know about this procedure:
•It is a 2-3 hour procedure so you will be going home/hotel the same day.
•You need to be coming with someone , unless you choose our recovery home option
•you need to stay 2-4 days after your procedure .
•you will see your same surgeon on the third day of your procedure for post up appointment.
•you do not need to come back for post up consultation but only need to send pictures for evaluation.
•Recovery home is $700 for 5 days and 4 nights, 2 meals a day as well as transportation to and from the airport, our center, and recovery facility, this also includes picking up your prescriptions from the pharmacy. This is a perfect option for that person that will becoming alone.

AS OF MARCH 2, 2015 7:58:23 pst ( I am now an O doll to be)

I put down my deposit. My day is March 22, 2016 . Which is my birthday! I am excited and I really can't wait! I have wanted my surgery for so long and now after 12 doctors later and almost becoming a Dr. Jimerson doll, I picked Dr. Oaskatukei Omulepu. I personally enjoyed the consultation and asked as many questions. My coordinator Jessica is the most sweetest. I can tell she really loves her job and also cares about the need of plastic surgery, not to mention she is a Dr. O doll as well!

So, I am thinking of taking a private jet or train home (I am not messing up my new booty)

I just want to relax after my surgery and heal well. I don't want any issues with sitting on a plane. So I am looking into a private jet or train with a bed or coach to lay on while I am on my way home. Has anyone done this as well?


( I know both are pricy but I got it!) Every Birthday is always pricy! I have to just thank God!


I spoke with God, and asked for his help, with making my personal decision on what doctor to choose for my surgery. I have researched so many traveled to a few states looking for the best doctor. God made me wait and put this on hold just so I could see and hear what all of these doctors had to say. I had the money for my surgery so long ago, but I just couldn't do it yet. I felt something come over me , Wait for there is still much you don't know and will need to know. This night I was watching you-tube videos and I became obsessed with one women story about her surgery. How she went to Dominican Republic instead of the states . She spoke about weight loss surgery, and how she now was ready for (plastic surgery) a mommy makeover. The fact that she filed for bankruty , this was cheaper , but it also was more painful. Happy to say she made it and came back on you-tube to speak about it. Alone in DR , and away from her kid . I know she was praying and God answered ! The healing was no joke but she pushed and showed the world look I made a way and I pray, The Good Lord will hear me. After watching her video twice I looked online and found because of her and I am very thankful and excited about my own personal journey . I found my doctor , I paid my money and now I am waiting until next month to book my flight for next year and train tickets. I am so blessed to have both of my sisters and fiancée come with me . I am shopping slowly for a few things before I go, But when we hit Miami I shall grab some things form Walmart .

A FEW THINGS I WILL HAVE ( picked up) before get to Miami

WHILE IN MIAMI ( things I will have in the hotel or house I rent for these check it out! for nice rental homes, rooms, or condo's cheaper than hotel! plus when I say nice , I mean it.

So I picked up these things over the weekend

So, I picked up this pillow with is a pregnancy pillow, which rolls up. I took a picture of the back of the pillow as well and old navy slippers.

Trying to figure out how I want my hair braided.....

Trying to figure out how I want my hair braided for surgery on my birthday ????? I really want my hair up out of my face (for surgery reasons) but I also know I want it out for at least the four days I will be out there enjoying the weather . Hanging with family!

Which one I like both! Travel life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always somewhere!

So, I am grabbing both one is for 2016 and 2017.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Soon as I get the first two days in after surgery . This is what my babe set up at home if he is not there to do my massages. So excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few gifts from my sisters, so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you have support from family and the babe! Just blessed!

LIFE ........

So, I have been working my self crazy , and shopping still here and there for my big day next year. I also got some bad news about my blood being a 7 hemo and that I must get it back up quick!!!!!!

Here are some soaps I grabbed

soaps (antibacterial) Dial and Neosporin daily body wash .

Five months and March will be here

I am so excited! I can't wait. I have been though some stuff, and now i am here about to get my work done. I thank God for those who are in my corner, my sisters, my ex , my best friend , my son. When you decide to make some change in your life just remember not everybody is going to be apart of your change and some will be left for good! I am blessed by the best and I know God has blessed me with all that i have asked for . All I can say is thank Lord!

Always keep God first!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just ready to get it over with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before / which is my current

All i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All i want is my butt to be a little more round and fat a bit. So i am saying make my tummy flat as hell and my curves show like crazy so when i dance i make a statement! lol but no joke!!!!!!!!!! I already have a fat ass as you can see but i see , where i need it to be fixed, please u can say what you want i will listen and write what i feel as well. Pictures say a lot more than words. so if u get or don't understand what i am trying to say ask.

Hey ladies, I still here . March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016 , My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its almost here and I can't wait at all. I am done packing! Plane ticket paid ! Surgery paid! the only thing is where am I going to stay? I have a few places to look into. I have be going though some stuff but I am not letting this stop me! my ex- boyfriend still wants to come and be there for me while my new one, hates the idea of me getting anything done because he loves how I look, but this is all about me! My son is happy for me ! I have been doing really well in school! All I can say is God got me!!!!!!!!!!



My surgery now is May 11, 2016

Dr. Mel Ortega. So I went to Miami Feb28,2016 and Feb29, 2016 I headed to the office to see what's up. As soon as I walked in all these women were like yo who did ya butt? When I say I lol for real. My butt natural. I just wanted it more round and my few dimples filled out. As soon as Dr. Ortega saw me , he even said girl ya body is great . I can make ya tummy tuck flat and ya tits bigger if this is the look your going for . I showed him a few pics and we talked some more and that was it.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is nice but I choose another, RealSelf Thanks!

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