6 Months Into Invisalign for Crowding and Teeth Fractures - Great!

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I am 6 months into Invisalign and have another...

I am 6 months into Invisalign and have another 6-12 months to go, depending upon refinements required.

Because of the pressure of crowding, a couple of my teeth had developed hairline fractures. My dentist said that without orthodonture, the fractures would likely worsen and suggested Invisalign. When I learned my dentist, in whom I have complete confidence, is Invisalign-certified I couldn't say "yes" fast enough.

My dentist explained everything to me - buttons, teeth filing, possible problems (thus far, none have materialized), brushing/flossing required, the time commitment, etc. So I had a very clear picture of what I was getting into.

There has only been one surprise thus far. My dentist told me to expect some pain, possibly significant pain, during the first few days of each new tray. Six months and 10 trays later, the pain has yet to materialize. :-)

I had a very slight lisp for the first day of Invisalign, but that was it. The trays are so comfortable that I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. The required dental hygiene routine took a few days to get used to, but then it was second nature. And there has already been a noticeable improvement in my teeth - yay!

I brush and floss every time I put my trays back in after eating/drinking, even if I just take them out for a quick cup of coffee. I've finally been forced into good dental hygiene habits - nice bonus!

I have had filing twice. Numbing medication was available both times if needed, but there was absolutely no need for it. Filing was completely painless, not even uncomfortable. I was given a flouride treatment after each filing to help strengthen the enamel. I also used a special toothpaste for several days after each filing - dentist gave me a sample tube, so I had it immediately.

I keep toothpaste, floss and a toothbrush in my purse, in my desk at work, and in my car's emergency kit. Easy.

When I tell people I'm wearing Invisalign, they're always surprised. A couple of people have insisted I was kidding them...until I pointed out the buttons. One friend never could see the trays and finally just said she would take my word for it.

My job requires a fair amount of public speaking, and Invsalign has not been a problem at all.

Bottom Line: The first six months have been incredibly smooth sailing. I suspect the next 6-12 months will be more of the same. :-)

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