Switched to Dr. Fisher!!! Paid In Full!! ....I'm Getting Fat Grafting Butt/Hips - Miami, FL

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I can't wait! Finally bout to have me a Big Round...

I can't wait! Finally bout to have me a Big Round Butt & Nice Hips I always wanted! Financing is my only option...I will have to save extra money for the trip since I'm coming from Arkansas. I am going to have my consultation next week and pay my down payment as well. I will have to schedule my procedure to be done in the lst 2 weeks of June this year 2015! This way my kids school will be out. I will have to find a babysitter, because my husband is coming as well for support.

Wish pic

wish pic

Before Procedure photos

Paid Deposit!

Thank God, I finally paid my Deposit today! I'm scheduled for Sept. 23, 2015 Can't wait I don't have to much longer. I been wanting this for too long now. I thought I was gonna have my procedure done in June, but some things came up. It's finally bout to happen now though...I'm gonna go with Dr.O instead he's aggressive with it!


My coordinator is Lizbeth at Spectrum Aesthetics she's great and she always answer her phone. I'm so ready.....

Switched to Dr. Jonathan Fisher!!!

Paid In Full!! Scheduled April 25, 2016 Finally BABEEE!!! After 3 Doctors in the process, I lost a $300 Deposit from Dr. O because rescheduled x3 But, Finally I found the Best of them all! Fisher Doll!!

Coordinator Shari Sanchez

Shari is great and patient with me.... Answers all my calls...

Recovery House

Going with Moni New Body Recovery. Already paid Deposit with her.....

Coordinator Shari Sanchez

Shari is great and patient with me. Answers all my calls..

Booked Flight Already!

Here I Come Fisher booked and ready!!!

Items I'm Bringing....

I'm Ready!


I Pray that this Procedure goes great... I Pray that he give me what I want.

24 Days Left! Fisher Doll!

Lab work came back Great, so I'm good to go!!! Yeah Babee!!! I don't have long at all. I had to lose 15pds. My weight is 166pds. 5'3 tall. I pray that everything goes great. Going over all Dr. Fisher reviews tells me he's a Great Doc. and through the Grace of God I know I will be fine...and glad of my results as well!

Before photo's!

Oh my! I'm glad this is not my Body Frame Anymore! God used Dr. fisher to Transform my Body! Just want to say Thank you Lord!

3 Months!!! Loving My Transformation!!!

Dr. Fisher is a Genius... He shaped and mold my Ass. Will be going back next year for a Tummy Tuck.

Big Bare Ass..lol...

Was trying to position my Phn better but it still came out a little side ways.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jonathan Fisher I have read his reviews and seen his photos of work. This Dr. Is Amazing! This is why I switched Dr. Fisher and paid in Full!!!!!!!!

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