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I made an appointment on phone and requested for...

I made an appointment on phone and requested for the same day appointment . The lady on the phone was very nice and gave me appointment for the same day . I explained everything on phone why I need to see the doctor .She said it will be $50 charge and may be your insurance will cover but dr. has to see and decide if its an insurance claim or not and I agree to pay $50 . when I was only five min from the clinic same lady called and said you are late , I said the appointment is 2:30 pm and its not 2:30 yet .I will be at your office earlier than 2:35 pm but she said your appointment was at 2:15 pm . Then she said your charge will be $100 .
I asked why and she said because you have been treated with other dr. before thats why she has to charge $100 . because its a complication , then she said its ok you are too close to the office just come we will take care of that .
when I reached there the same lady said you have to pay $100 consultation fees I said but on phone you said just come to the office its fine you will take care of it . She said I asked the doctor and she is saying because you have been treated before so its a complication and for that its $100 .I said can you please explain to the doctor that I am feeling some thing stuck in my eye so thats why I am here . She went inside to ask the greedy doctor which I didn't even see but you can judge from this whole situation that instead of making it smooth appointment ,she is so greedy that even it was her employee mistake or she decided last min,I don't know . I can see now how would she treat her patient if she is so much after money she doesn't care that patient is waiting in the office to see her and its not patient fault .I agree to pay what I was being told on the phone . If I would have been told first time its $100 consultation fees , I would pay but not on last minute the price change like the stock market .
I left the office and decided to write a review for this awful behavior.
Orlando Oculoplastic Surgeon

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