Taking Back My Life- Surgery by Dr Samara Churgin Babylon, NY

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So I was 305 lbs at end of 2014. I decided to...

So I was 305 lbs at end of 2014. I decided to have a gastric sleeve procedureoff done in January of 2015. to date I have gone from 305 lbs to a weight of 135 lbs. (yes 170 lbs in 18 months, My surgeon was my first angel - he gave me the kick start opportunity to get my health back. I was my own mentor to keep going and lose and keep the weight off but angel was my plastic surgeon Dr Samara Churgin here in NY. I am a very private person so when I decided , I need to anatomically correct what my obesity had done havoc with,. I had to battle myself knowing I would be standing stark naked in front of someone and letting them draw on me and take pictures of me. So not only was it important to find a great plastic surgeon but someone who would also understand me. I found Dr Samara Churgin on the internet and instantly said, she is the one. Her smile and her youth coupled with her excellent credentials sold me . I was not disappointed. I met with her a few days later and yes, while it was embarrassing being poked and prodded, it knew I was going to be in good hands. the surgery took place on Nov 7 of 2015. (Dr Churgin was with me every step of the way - even thse frantic calls the night before sugery). Even on the morning of my surgery, she was there all cheery and confident .,marking me up and telling me she was marking me for two possibilies and would decide which one she liked best when I was under. The surgery was 6 hours in lerngth (I had my breasts reduced and lifted (I now look like a perky 20 year old) and had some work done on my somach area. I elected NOT to have a abdomenplasty but rather a pannectomy and some cuttings on the side to smooth me out. WOW what a mirale worker. I had told Dr Churgin, ,I had been big chested all my life, so take off everything she could possibility s I wanted to be small. I am now a 34 C . I was a 46 EEE. I was back to work within 1 1/2 weeks with NO complications. I was walking 3-4 miles within that first week (I did not reveal this to my sugeon at the time) even with my drains in place). I lost the weight on my own, but Dr Churgin gave me back my confidence and the desire to show off my new body and personality. She told me one should match the other and it now does.
It has been almot 8 month since the surgery and I m SO happy and probably going back for a vertical thigh lift as the bowl of loose skin are really bothering me. More to come. if I elect fo the surgery it will be on 111/7 a that is my lucky day.

Photo attached

So it was suggested that I post pictures of myself before and after the surgery so I ha done so,
It is so worth it to take the leap and do something for yourself - think of all the hard work we hav d=gone through to get to this point Thin beyond the surgery and beyond the healing - think of the rest of your life and how much we have t look forward to. I got my life back again. I hike again - averaging 10 miles per day and 20 on weekend as that is our love - we love the outdoors and many years Ilosst that, I found it again and am so grateful and happy.

My Journey Back - Gastric Sleeve to Breast Reduction

So my journey began on Jan 11, 2015 when I finally said yes to myself I had a sleeve gastrectomy on 1-10-15 one day post my 60th birthday. This was my present - my life was going to be mine again. Having peaked at 305 lbs - there was not much I could do anymore. I was out of shape, always out of breathe, and very unhappy When I finally said - this is it - it wall all uphill from there
My surgery went remarkably well and I as walking a few miles within 2 weeks. I had not been able to do this in years. By spring there was no holding me back. Long hikes 10 miles, road trips to reconquer territories where memories from the past were once again a reality. By summer I was done about 100 pounds and going strong. I started a gym routine by late spring and kept the outdoor activity going. My eating was under control and my moods were happy and healthy. By summer I was own to about 150 lbs an by Ocrober down to 145 labs. I finally made the decision that I needed to make the leap and take off some of the "old me" sagging skin. (breast,stomach etc). My post above gives so much of my success in going thru with this to Dr Chrugin, who began my friend along the way. My breasts are my pride now, I can wear no bra, go sleeveless , go biking without shaking , go running (which I am not used to) without any bouncing and I can finally wear my shirts TUCKED in, which I have not been able to do since late teen years I love my stomach - (nipping and tucking - no abdominoplasty for me) it is so nie and flat (I work hard to keep it that way).
I am considering having my jelly loose legs done , but am second guessing - I am afraid of the scarring - my legs are shapely now - thin enough - but jiggly . I know they say loose skin vs scar - just not sure - in pants it does not bother me and in my line of work - I have to wear stocking if in a dress - so they are fine as well. it is that I want to be able to wear short 9SHORTY SHORTS) or even the ones below (they are a size 6) but I am conscious of the jiggling when I walk. I need some guidance and some post pictures of the actual scars - like after 7 to 1 months, =Have not seen any of Real Self and am looking for guidance, Dr. Churgin says it is up to me. she has explained the surgery but she says only I can decide. help me my community!

Next Step Vertical Thigh Lift

So after going thry the entire summer watching my legs jiggle in my shorts, I finally decided to make the leap and have the vertical thigh lift surgery with my favorite PS, De Churgin. The surgery is scheduled for 11/2/16 with a final visit with her on 10/18. Very nervous but finally decided I needed to do this for me as I was obsessing over my legs,
I am still nervous about the recovery time and scarring but will deal with it as it comes. I have been able to wiggle two weeks from my job (will work from home) with my legs elevated so hopefully, this brings peace of mind and good healing as well as I will not have to be on my feet.
Wish me luck everyone, and keep me in your prayers..

I Finally Had It Done

after second guessing my decision to go through with this, I finally got the certified check and once that was handed in, there was no turning back. The surgery was done on 11/2/16 and took about 4:15 hr. Had bought the compression garment before the surgery and brought it with me to the hospital and Dr Churgin placed that on me while still under anesthesia. I had purchased the female urinal (what a wonderful little apparatus) prior to the surgery , and had a recliner all ready since I had read that it takes awhile to get back into bed. Best news (besides going through with the surgery - NO DRAINS)Dr Churgin did need feel the need - I have to ask her why when I see her next week) Got home after a 15 mile drive. Sat in my regular couch (has a recliner to it) and took it easy. Was discharged with Keflex 10 day supply and pain medication . Got into bed (yes my own bed) about 10pm that night and slept through the nigh with little to no discomfort. In the morning, weighed myself - gained 7 pounds (I guess all the liquids through IV) . Was urinating every 1-2 hours, (god bless that female urinal and that garment with the hole in it). Didn't miss once and now know how easy it is for a guy to go. Felt tight around the incision lines, but still no pain. (I do have a very high tolerance, but was still waiting and anticipating). Today is Sunday - and I have not taken one pill for pain as yet. YEAH----- Really wanted to take a walk today (I have been mobile since Thursday -- 1 day post op) but was afraid it would be too soon, I normally walk long distances on a daily basis - so tomorrow if I go real slow - I want to do 1 mile. I don't think it will hurt my recovery - but will call Dr. Churgin first and her "permission".
I am so glad I went through with this. I was so frightened of the recovery - and have had none of the reported issues (thankfully) . Day 3 past and feeling great. Posting some pictures of those legs.


posting Breast Pictures well =

My breast surgery was Nov 10, 2016 yes it seems I like November as the time for surgery. I have posted my journey but never got any pictures into the saga. Attaching some before and after now,
It was a long hard journey, but aahhh - the end results - it is HEAVEN!!!

Breast Pictures Post Op

New York Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough about Dr Churgin. She is the utmost professional, but so real at the same time. She makes you feel like a sister when you first meet her She is youthful but experienced beyond her years. She has the hands of an artist, the smile of a Mona Lisa and the expertise of a Beverly Hills PS.

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