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33 year old 400 CC HP

Breast Augmentation

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19 Nov 2016

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33 year old 400 CC HP

I am a 33 year year old mother who breastfed 2 children, desperately in need of some volume in my chest! Dr. Maloney impressed me with his knowledge and thorough explanation of the breast augmentation procedure at my initial consult. His unique training, education and experience combined with his personable approach set me at ease and gave me the confidence and excitement needed to schedule the surgery. The 3D imaging was accurate and helpful for me to feel confident about the results I would get. Dr. Maloney recommended the perfect size for my desired result. He was patient and thorough throughout the entire process. Everyone in the office is kind, attentive and always more than willing to answer questions. I love my results! I could not be happier and know that Dr. Maloney will be my only choice for future cosmetic procedures.