31yo, fat transfer to breast and face fat graft by Dr Arthur Tjandra, Indonesia, medan

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31yo, fat transfer to breast and face fat graft by Dr Arthur Tjandra, Indonesia, medan

I am a 31 yo who used to have very flat chest and small frame. I've always wanted to go for a boobs job but however fear of the side effect in a long run. Dr Arthur and his method of fat transfer to breast was first introduce to me by a friend and I was skeptical about it. Until my friend came back from her 1st session and showing me results and explaining to me how magically Dr Arthur transform her body into her desire shape, I was convinced. I went to check his website as well as watching most of his videos on YouTube channel, it boost up my confidence with Dr Arthur. I finally made an appointment to see him in Singapore to make sure I am the right candidate for the surgery. Of cos before getting all excited about going over to Medan for the surgery, one has to go thru a blood test to make sure you are fit for the surgery. Dr Arthur assistant, Jennifer will provide very detailed informations about the surgery as well as place to do the blood test etc.

so, my boobies journey begin on the 11th Aug 2015.
I booked jetstar Asia from Singapore to Medan which cost me about sgd200+ return trip. You can also arrange for airport transfer from dr Arthur with just a small fee of sgd22.

The moment I reach the clinic, I was greeted by dr Arthur nurse and was told to take a shower and my lunch. After which Dr Arthur then explain to me about the surgery and giving me advises on the fat grafting to face then I proceed to the surgery.

I was super nervous at the beginning and the nurse was always holding my hand to give me assurance. The surgery process was still ok. Mid way thru the surgery, I can feel sight pain but was still bearable. When the surgery was done and I first look at myself in the mirror, I was astonished. Never in my life I have a handful of boob in my palm. I told myself the slight pain was all worthwhile.

The reason why I choose to blog about it now and not straight after the surgery is because, I wanted to give the most genuine review about the surgery and would like to wait until at least 3months to see the result as I was told by Dr Arthur that different people have different end result to fat transfer. The fats survival rate for some of them are pretty low. As for mine until now, I wouldn't say that it's 100% survival rate but at least I have 70% survival rate.

I am truely thankful for my friend introduction of Dr Arthur to me and also Dr Arthur to give me a prettier boobs. Now after seeing my result after 3months, I have confidence dr Arthur can give me the desire shape of boobs that I always wanted.

In fact, I've booked my 2nd appointment with dr Arthur next feb and I'll be updating about my upcoming trip and procedure again.

Video of my surgery

To add on to my review, there are some videos of how the surgery was perform.






4th mth after fat transfer

The rentation is still consider good. I'm able to achieve b cup size with slight cleavage! Looking forward to my 2nd session with Dr Arthur!

4th month of fats transfer to breast

Retention is consider good so far. Able to achieve b cup size push up bra and a cup size non padded bra. I am looking forward to my 2nd session with at Arthur Tjandra on coming feb.

Wearing a non padded bra

Love the shape of my breast even without push-up

2 more weeks to 2nd session

It's 6th month from my 1st session. I'm going for my 2nd session in 2weeks time. Feeling all excited.

No words can describe how grateful I am to Dr Arthur!

Today I just had my session of fats transfer to breast. On top of that, I also did fats transfer to butt. I've always hated how my butt looks like. When there are 2 huge sunken part on the side. It not only make wearing bodycon dresses looks awful on me, it makes my overall figure looks weird. I've always envy people with round, perky and full butt just like Kylie Jenner! Therefore, after much consideration and seeking dr Arthur advises, I decided to go with it.

During the surgery, I felt pain toward the end of it. But I would say it's quite bearable. When I got down from the surgery table and had the first look at my butt, I was in awe. Dr Arthur is not just a surgeon. He's indeed an artist. He gave me the butt that I've always long for.

No words can describe how beautiful my butt looks like now. Let the photos speak for itself.

By the way, my case number is 400 on www.elixirdevie.com

My butt!!

Found an old photo of my butt!!
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