Vaser Liposculpture - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hi guys! I'm a 25yr old woman who has always...

Hi guys! I'm a 25yr old woman who has always struggled with weight. At my biggest I was 225lbs at 16yrs old! I have lost alot of weight since but, I noticed alot of sagging skin. I'm schedualed for vaser lipo of the Arms, Inner Thighs, Upper & lower back, Upper & Lower ABS, Chin, Flanks and a Brazilian Butt Lift. I'm more anxious to get it over with than i am nervous. I've considered this for a while and hopefully after the surgery i can keep it off and maintain my new body! My doctor told me not to lose any weight. My starting weight is 180lbs. Pre-surgery i'd like to be 178lbs. I'm expecting things to well. I'll be in Florida where my surgery is taking place for two weeks. I'm hoping i come back as a video vixen lol! I will keep you guys posted. It's a month away! Pray for me!

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I went on American Board of Plastic Surgery and to make sure there were no citations, malpractice, or lawsuits against the facility or doctors. Please do your researcher family.

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