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Hi everyone, it's been a week since I underwent...

Hi everyone, it's been a week since I underwent cosmetic surgery through the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary's (NYEE) Postgraduate Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship program and I'm excited to provide an account of my experience! I specifically decided to have a rhinoplasty, endoscopic brow lift and liposuction of the neck/china area. I had been researching options for the last year so I didn't go into my decision lightly. I especially spent a lot of time on this site so I must give credit to the Real Self members who helped me with their own stories!

I originally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Watts in the beginning of November to discuss options regarding rhinoplasty and breast lift. However, I decided to postpone breast lift options until I reach my goal weight, so we focused on my face for the consultation. Scheduling the appointment was very easy; Dr. Watts worked around my schedule and saw me at 8am. During the consultation, Dr. Watts asked me to look in the mirror and describe what I noticed about my face and essentially what areas I felt needed improvement. While I initially came in for my nose, I mentioned how unhappy I was with my prominent, heavy brow. I'm only 32 years old (female) and I have a pretty bubbly personality, but my resting face had the tendency to look mean, sleepy and masculine because of my brows. So Dr. Watts suggested several surgical/non-surgical options that would help to alleviate the heavy look, and after sleeping on it I wrote him an email confirming my intent to move forward with rhinoplasty, endoscopic brow lift and lipo on the old double chin (I figured I could get a head start on the weight loss!).

Fast forward a month and the surgery date arrived. Wanting to make sure I received the best care possible, Dr. Watts had recommended that I set the date for December12th, as the attending surgeon that day had extensive experience in cases such as mine. I had prepared myself for the operation, taking off work for three weeks (vacation) and saving as much as possible. Turns out I over-saved - because the three procedures were combined, I paid under $5k (including anesthesia). I'm still amazed that I paid so little.

i arrived at the facility at 6am and was prepped for 7:30am surgery without much of a wait. I live two blocks away from the hospital so the 6am arrival time didn't pain me too much - in fact I was glad I didn't have to wait around nervously for a later surgery time. At around 7:30am a nurse escorted me from my hospital room to the surgery floor along with a young woman (who was also undergoing some sort of cosmetic procedure) and her parents. I thought this was pretty funny, especially when the mother sheepishly asked me what I was getting done and the husband outwardly admonished her. No harm done - I probably would have told her! But I digress.

The surgery room itself was a large open facility, and very well staffed. I was asked to lie on the surgery bed, and while I was being prepped I spoke to Dr. Watts and met the anesthetist, nurses and the highly regarded Dr. Lawrence Bass. Then I was out like a light! I woke up several hours later in recovery, not feeling any pain, and was then wheeled to my room. Dr. Watts and his associate came to visit me and dressed my head with gauze (think helmet with chinstrap; my nose already had a cast on it) and left to let me rest. I threw up blood after trying to eat tropical gelatin (can you blame me?), so I wasn't released until about 8:30pm. But aside from the fact that I looked like I lost a few rounds in the ring (black and blue eyes and a lot of swelling), I felt fine, and was easily able to walk the three minutes back to my apartment with my sister as an escort.

Over the last week, I've experienced most of the symptoms typically associated with the three procedures:

Rhino - bruising, swelling, congestion, dull ache, tenderness
Endoscopic brow lift - numbness, tightness, swelling, dull ache, shooting pains
Lipo (chin) - swelling, tenderness

But...I LOOK great! :-) I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Watts on Tuesday 12/17 and he removed my nose cast and head gear. While I'm still pretty swollen and slightly bruised, my nose looks fantastic and my eyebrows are positioned right where they should be. I will write a follow-up once I regain full feeling and movement of my forehead and the swelling subsides completely. I'll also post pics as long as I can do so while maintaining my anonymity. As an FYI, I was given Vicodin to be used for the first few days, and now I am using Tylenol and or Motrin to control residual discomfort (dull headaches) as needed.

That's all for now; feel free to comment or private message me with questions and I will be sure to get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading!!

- chillydown

To schedule a consultation at NYEE: 212-979-4493 (FYI consultation fee is being waived for a short time)


Hi all,

I think I've kept everyone waiting long enough for some before and after pics, but instead of posting them to RealSelf, I would prefer to send them via private message at this time. If interested, please PM me and I will send before and two weeks post-op photos to you asap.

Thanks in advance for understanding!


P.S. I'm healing very well at three weeks! I still have very small bruises on the apples of my cheeks, but they are easily covered up with makeup. While my nose is still pretty swollen externally at the tip, I can breathe easily. It's very firm, and I've bumped it with my hand a couple of times, which brings on a little pain. So I'm still being as gentle as possible with it (of course I'm suddenly super clumsy!). The feeling is coming back to my forehead and it can get itchy at times. But otherwise I'm in great shape, and still so thrilled with my results!


Okay, sorry to keep you waiting on the pics...and I'm sorry for the creepy blackout eyes. :-)

These after pics were taken approximately two weeks after surgery. The tip of my nose is still pretty swollen and stiff, so I assume it will continue to undergo subtle changes over the next year.

Hope these help you in your decision!

Just a couple more pics (taken approx. 10 weeks post-op)

All in all, my surgery was very successful and I have 100% trust in Dr. Watts. My sister has also met with him regarding a rhinoplasty; she is equally impressed with my results. He is a very caring and attentive doctor and he has a great personality. Dr. Watts is also highly skilled - he is board certified and has extensive experience working with children and adults with craniomaxillofacial deformities. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, and I plan on going back to him for a breast lift in the spring.

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