Finally Getting It Done. I Might Be a Little Crazy Too... - Atlanta, GA

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Next Friday is the surgery date. I will be getting...

Next Friday is the surgery date. I will be getting a Rhinoplasty, tonsillectomy, and tubes put in both of my ears. As for the crazy part, that's because I am getting these all done at the same time.

Over the last year I have struggled with so many different illnesses, from strep, tonsillitis, sinus infections and repeat colds. Finally my ENT has decided that they need to come out. It is long overdue especially since as I am typing this my throat is killing me with white patches on my tonsils.
As for the tubes, I have had a pretty bad past with my ears. Long story short, both of my eardrums had to be repaired, had to have tubes multiple times and after that problem was fixed as a child I was told that in 10-15 years I MAY need to have surgery again depending on how well my eardrums hold up... Well here we are 13 years later and the ear infections keep coming.

Lastly, and the part I am most excited/nervous about is the rhinoplasty. My ENT is also a facial plastic surgeon and has agreed to allow me to undergo a rhinoplasty at the same time as the other two procedures. I am doing these at the same time because I will be saving A LOT of money. I am still paying a portion for the cosmetic part of it all but in regards to hospital/facility fees and the anesthesiologist, my insurance will cover those expenses. Although recovery will be tougher, I keep reminding myself that the pain is temporary. I have wanted to have my nose fixed since middle school, and you can tell by my pictures as to why. No one would ever question why I would want this done. I often see people on this site who in the before pictures look great to me, and usually, I would love just to have their "before" nose. I am the kind of person who truly believes that people can have flaws and still be beautiful. I am a mostly confident person, but I feel like this is a step that will make me so much happier in life. Anywho, this site has been great for me, and I will continue to post updates about my procedure, and pictures as well!

Surgery is done!

Well... I'm back home now. The last 24 hours have been rough. last night I had dinner with family to keep myself distracted from freaking out. It was so good but my stomach was immediately upset. We got home and went to bed. I had to stop eating and drinking at midnight... Well at 2AM I woke up and puked my brains out. It was awful. I know it was because of nerves. Needless to say I was starving by the time I went in.

I also had my tonsils removed and tubes put in my ears at the same time as my rhino. The doctors kept telling me I wouldn't notice the pain in my nose because of my throat... Wrong! My nose hurts, but my throat kills.... I'm scared for tommorrow because I know it will be worse than today. Oh! Surprisingly I can breath really well out of my nose??? Has anyone else had this? I'm not complaining because with fresh burns in my throat, mouth breathing is awful. My mom took one last "before" photo of me in the hospital. I'll update again tommorrow on bruising and swelling.

One day post op.

Not too bad of a day. The only bad parts are when my pain meds start to wear off. I can only take them every 4 hours but at the 3 hour mark I feel like I need more. The bleeding is still happening in my nose but it is better. It's weird seeing my profile without the hump on it. I can't breath from my nose anymore now. I'm really congested and feel like I need to blow my nose, but I know I cant. Bruising isn't really there. I can see a little bruising under my eyes but I have naturally dark circles anyway so it's hard to tell. Not a lot of swelling either. Overall, very little swelling and bruising so far. Oh, and I have no nasal packing either.

2 days post op

Swelling and bruising is still not bad at all. Not sure if it's because of the Arnica or my doctor but so far so good on that. Maybe tomorrow it'll show up? I still get stinging pains on the inside of my nose, and the congestion is really bad. the pressure is awful. My throat is getting worse as the hours pass while everything else gets better. My ears no longer have any pain or drainage from the tubes. Really happy with that. Overall I'm hanging in there and taking my pain medicine regularly.

Three days post op.

Today has been the hardest day. My throat is on fire and my mouth is terrible dry from mouth breathing. My face looks good in regards to bruising and swelling. The anxiety of seeing my new nose is starting to set it and I'm getting really excited. Some people have been asking of I have a cast on, and yes, I do. It is under the tape. It's the same color as my skin so it's a little hard to see. I get the cast off on Friday! my next update will be posted on Friday since not too much is going on right now. I have added some updated photos too!

5 days post op!

Today is 5 days post op from my tonsilectomy/septo/rhinoplasty and tubes being put in my ears. I wasn't going to post an update but boredom has gotten to me. :) Overall I feel good. My ears have never felt better. The last year I have had constant popping and crackling noises in my right ear, and for the first time I no longer have that. What a relief. My throat is still pretty painful. It has its moments. I skipped a dose of pain meds today but later found I needed them. It's just a slow process.

The nose is good! Still tender to touch and clean but I think it's healing well. Nasal rinses have gotten a lot easier. I can breath so clear from my left nostril but something in my right is still clogging it up. Hopefully this will improve soon. I'm so tired of mouth breathing. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the tonsilectomy, but it's awful and my mouth is beyond dry. My bruising and swelling seems to be less than the average person. I did take the arnica pills regularly but not even sure if it was that. Two more days until my cast is off! I'm scared/neevous/excited.

The results are in.

I was really hesitant to post because my swelling is pretty bad. Apparently it's normal to have more swelling on the old hump? He said the small hump I see now will go away and that one week post op is way too early to judge. I am happy but I feel like I'm missing my old nose?? Anyone else have this? The only thing that threw me off is how small the tip is. I wasn't expecting the tip to be much different. Overall I think it will take getting use to and I am happy because this is a huge improvement. Just a little in shock. Lol

More after photos.

Ugh I just don't know how I feel about this nose... I'm stressing myself out to the max.

8 days post op. Falling in love.

So yesterday was a rough day. I got my cast off, which was really painful to the pout that I cried during the removal of it. My doctor didn't seem to be very gentle. My husband says he was but I say otherwise. Yesterday was also the worst day of my recovery for my tonsilectomy so I was already struggling with that going into my cast removal. And to top it all off, Aunt Flo decided to visit yesterday. So needless to say, I was having an awful day and I think that contributed to my overall mood about my nose.

When I woke up today, my nose felt SO much better. No more throbbing pains or numbness at all except a little on the tip. When I looked in the mirror I was still kinda "eh" about it. Don't hate it but don't love it... My husband and I decided to take our son to toys R us so I got to actually get dressed and do my makeup. I felt really good too health wise. I really am starting to come to terms with my nose and love it. I just wish I could smile normal. My upper lip looks totally dofferent and swollen. It's very hard to smile like I use to. Hopefully this will improve quickly. I never thought about my smile being effected by a rhino. Has anyone else experienced this?
Also, I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement. It means so much to me. You all rock!

Adjusting can be hard. 10 days post op.

10 days post op today! My nose and upper lip still feel really really tight. I was hoping when I woke up today the tightness would be gone but nope. Still there. The tightness is what's making me feel most self consious of going in public because I feel like it's obvious I don't have full movement of my upper lip. Today I am really contested. I can't breath at all through my nose. I'm guessing it's just the swelling. I'm about to shower, hopefully the steam will open it up a little more? My stitches are still not completely dissolved and are pretty obvious. They are really tender to touch. I noticed I rub my nose a lot in my sleep because I'd wake myself up because it hurt. I also sneezed for the first time today. 7 times in a row to be exact! It wasn't painful to my nose but boy did it hurt my throat...

I have noticed that I like my nose way more in pictures than I do in person? Seems weird but that's how I feel. When I walk by the mirror I always find myself staring at my nose thinking it's so unnatural looking. I know it's probably not, and it's only unnatural to me because I've had a completely different nose my whole life. I never thought accepting my new nose would be so hard. It's an obvious improvement but why am I so reluctant to accept it? Plastic surgery is not only physically challenging but it's mentally draining too. I'm so tired of obsessing over my nose. I've posted some new photos as well comparing to my old nose.

Two weeks post op and complications!! Grrrr...

I'm two weeks post op today! I was supposed to have my two week appointment today but a plane crashed :(on the interstate I needed to take in Atlanta so it did not happen. I rescheduled for Tuesday. Recovery from my operations has had a few unpleasant hiccups. First one is that I developed thrush in my mouth. Apparently this is pretty common to get afte a tonsillectomy. Well it's god awful to get. And the medicine burns the crap out of your taste buds. My throat is still not healed and the scabs are slowly coming off but my whole mouth feels like someone poured 200 degree coffee in my mouth and just let it burn. But... The thrush is gone now and I'm just left with burnt taste buds. Lol

My nose is doing great but it seems as though my stitches are not wanting to dissolve and have grown infected. I was on antibiotics for infection but I finished those last week so the doc called me in a different antibiotic to help clear them up. It's so disappointing because at two weeks post op I should not look this bad. My skin that was stitched is red and inflamed and has a little bit of puss around them. I also have two stitches that are just dangeling from my nose that don't seem to want to fall off. My husband decided we needed to name them. We chose Lilo and stitch. Lol I know, we are weird. I did update some pics. Sorry for the wail quality. My one year old decided that my iPhone 6 needed to swim in the bathtub, so the picture are taken with an iPad. :(

All in all, my nose seems to get smaller by the day. I still am having some hard time accepting my nose. Yesterday was a bad day. I hated it but today was a good day and I loved it. Talk about bi polar... Howl fully by Monday my stitches will look much better and not so crazy. We shall see!

What is going on?? Swelling sucks.

So today I am 17 days post op! My nose has changed quite a bit since my last update. I started to notice that the right side of my nose has started to dent in a little bit. It's very obvious to me but other people have said it's not obvious. When I asked my doctor about it today he didn't seem too confident that it was going to get any better, he basically told me that both sides are not going to be exactly the same and some things that I would notice other people won't. And then I also got the typical it's too early to judge the final results speech that we've all probably gotten, and was told that there still a lot of swelling. I guess I'm just concerned because it seems to get more prominent as the days go by and the other side remains unchanged. I posted pictures let me know what you guys think. Also it's only noticeable if a picture is taken with flash.

Another concern is that yesterday I noticed that the right side of my nose (the one that has the dent) started to look a little bit crooked at the top... It was nothing major...I didn't stress about it because I knew I was going to the doctor today. So he started feeling my nose and before I even told him about it he had told me that the right side looked like it was healing a little bit crooked but that he would fix it. Basically he popped it back into place and I heard it and felt it pop. Wtf?? Didn't hurt but it seems very strange that he had to do that. He told me that the bones have not calcified yet and I was not a big deal. And don't get me wrong it was not a major pop or anything crazy it was just a small adjustment but it did leave my nose a little sore and more swollen... :( but does this seem normal?

He also did remove the dissolvable stitches on the tip of my nose which I was very happy about. This is one of the reasons it was so noticeable that I had work done because my stitches were not healing or dissolving and hanging! Lol. That was actually the most painful part of the visit but it looks great now. I have also noticed that my nose is more swollen in the last few days, more than it's been the entire time. I just want my nose back to looking how it was when the cast was removed. Not sure if that'll happen though.

Let me know what you guys think I'm pretty stressed out about my nose right now. Maybe I'm freaking out for nothing. :(


Pictures finally uploaded

Old nose, money back from surgery?

3 weeks post op!

Well it's been 3 weeks. Honestly it has dragged by! This week was my first week back and I got a lot of weird responses about my nose! I work at an apartment community and some of the resident know me really well. One asked me what I did to my hair... One thought I got my lips done. And a few just said I looked really good and asked If I changed my hair or lost weight. I honestly don't think people know it's my nose. I think I look different to them but they have a hard time pin pointing what it is. But then again, some people who I'm really close to will definitely be able to tell its my nose. I also got a letter in the mail that my surgery took less time than quoted and got a $400 refund!! That means my total surgery cost was $4500. But that included my tonsillectomy, tubes, and septoplasty. My total cosmetic portion for the rhinoplasty was only $2,500-$3,000. Typically my Dr. Charges much more if you just want a rhinoplasty but because the septum needed fixed you pay less since he's already in there.

I was looking back on my my old pictures today and I'm starting to get to the point where I can't believe that was my nose. Which I think means I'm getting used to my new nose lol. I've tried my best to stop critiquing it and just letting it heal but it can be hard. Right now my biggest fear is that something won't heal right and I'll be left and a non functional nose. Like a collapsed valve or septum.

My nose on the inside still has big chunks of stitches and blood. They just do not want to heal and come off. I use saline and Neosporin constantly but they just won't loosen up. I can still breath pretty well but I know once this crap comes detached I'll breath even better. It seems like I had a lot of internal stitches? I did have a septoplasty/open rhino and he did take cartilage from my septum to put on my bridge. Maybe this is why I have so much going on inside?

I did also get knocked in the nose pretty hard today, twice! Once by my son (1year old) and once by the dog. It was pretty painful but I'm okay!

I also posted some updated photos! I hope everyone is doing well!

Not so round tip anymore?

I'm over a month post op! So far I am loving my new nose but I do have some concerns. First concern is that the tip of my nose is very uneven and not round on both sides. I've posted a picture to show and it seems pretty clear to me that it's uneven. But honestly... This may be swelling. I was panicking one time about one side denting in more than the other, and what do you know... This has evened out a lot. But not 100%. I will wait to judge this until about 6 months post op. 2nd concern, is that I can barely breath out of my right nostril. I literally feel like I have something stuck in my nose. When i attempted to look, it looks as though I may have some scar tissue build up. It's either this, or just general swelling. I'm only going to give this 2 more weeks and if it's still bad I'm calling the doc! It is worse at some points in the day so I'm thinking its swelling but I really have no idea. Appearance wise my nose is seriously shrinking. I'm loving it. I'm super happy with it now and don't have an ounce of regret... For now. Lol as long as my nose is functional, and I can breath great, I can't imagine having regrets. Even if my nose stayed the same as what it is now, with the uneven tip, I would still be pleased. I was never looking for perfection, just improvement. And my nose is a big improvement to me. I went to the beach over the holiday weekend and this seemed to be the turning point for my nose getting better and for major swelling to go down on the hump/bridge. Which is surprising seeing as though I was in the heat most of the day. But never in direct sunlight. My nose was never touched by the sun. Thank you hats! I'm two weeks out from wearing sunglasses and I cannot wait! I put them on for all of 2 mins today and loved the look. Of course I snapped a pic! I've posted some photos, let me know what y'all think!

Hope everyone's well! Happy healing!

Accepting the flaws...

Well I'm almost two months post op! A lot has been going on since my last update with my life! I started a new job, I'm moving, selling our house and staying busy with my toddler. Which means I'm not obsessing over my nose as much because frankly, I don't have time or even more so the energy. My nose seems to be healing just fine. I got my first cold last week. It lasted 6 days and between blowing my nose 100 times a day it made my nose SO sore. My tip is still very tender to touch and painful at times. I'm wearing sunglasses now but even that can hurt at times so I try to limit that. My concerns with the bump/scar tissue on the inside have resolved. Which makes me SO happy. It literally was a swollen piece of scar tissue blocking me from breathing from my right nostril. But thank god, it's swelled down, and I can breath! The tip of my nose is still uncertain...'it's very uneven and dents in on the left side where the internal stitches are/were. My mom and husband say they can't tell but I doubt that.... The inside of my nose where the stitches were is super... Chunky.... Idk if that's the right word but that's the best I can describe it. I don't like it but I can deal. I'm pretty much back to normal now and happier than ever with my new nose. There's obvious room for improvement and it's not perfect but when ya' had a honker like mine, you'll take anything that's better and move on. And for your entertainment.... I attached a reminder of my old nose. I look horrible but holy sh** was that think huge. I still have now regrets at all. I really pleased even if it's not perfect. I livedy whole life constantly hating looking at myself because of my old nose and I don't have that feeling anymore. People can knock plastic surgery all they want but until they've walked in my shoes they've got no room to talk! Anywho... Rant over, but I miss getting on here all the time and talking to everyone! I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

4 months post op!

Hi everyone!!!

It's been a little bit since I last updates. Overall not a whole lot has changed. But I have noticed my right side of my nose (the bone) seems as though it's popped out a little bit. The tip of my nose is still pretty uneven. I've kinda just accepted that it's not going improve. It does bother me but no enough to be upset about it everyday. Right now I'm still loving it because my nose was so big to begin with. I do that that once I'm used to my current nose, years down the road I will want to get it corrected but we will see... Pictures don't show the flaws as much. Overall I think it was still worth it. However, the one thing I hate is the way the inside of my nose feels. It's scarred so bad that the incision part is super chunky. Like I cal feel it a lot. I don't know if I'm explaining it well? Swelling has not really changed either. Sometimes my right nostril gets small and freaks me out bc it's harder to breath when it's like this. If I sniff my nose my right nostril completely closes while the left barely closes. I would give my surgeon a C for his work. I do wish he would have gone a little bit smaller on the overall size of my nose. Hopefully that right nostril doesn't close or collapse any more. Let me know what you guys think!

More pics.

This picture really shows how that side had lost its roundness. It kinda gives the effect that my nose is crooked or leaning but it's straight.!

Botched? Bad bad bad

Hi guys!! It's been a while seven months. Crazy right? Well my nose is doing alright but as the days pass I get more and more disappointed, and scared.... Because it gets worse. My last review I wrote about my tips unevenness and hoped it'd get better by it did the opposite. It's pretty obvious I will need a revision. My nose has all sorts of bumps and dents and frankly just looks like shi*. With regular photography it doesn't catch the imperfections, FLASH photography however, catches every single little or BIG problem. I am setting up a consult with a PS hopefully next week to find out what's going on, what's wrong and if maybe fillers can help me get a temporary fix. The functionality of my nose is slowly getting worse as well. I can barely breath from my right nostril and it collapses shut when I breath heavy. I'm so disappointed in my nose. I feel like I've been on this journey for so long, and feel like I deserve to have the balance I've always wanted but I always get knocked down. Hoping I can get a few good opinions soon to figure out if I need a revisions. But thinking about the cost of a revision is scary, may never happen or may take a long time. Who know. I hope you're all well and healing better than I am!

The worst.

I cringe...

Worth it??

So I'm going to do it and hit the worth it button. Because even with the flaws and jacked up job my doctor did, I don't think he totally ruined me. Do I need a revision? Absolutely. Is it so bad that I feel I need it immediately? No.... But my hopes is that IF my nose does worsen that it doesn't worsen much more. If I had to do this all over again, I would have been more patient in the selection process. But when you've wanted something for so long and an opportunity comes up to get it, nothing was gonna stop me. I honestly would still do it again, because in the end, my nose is an improvement. My nose is no where near perfect like it should be but I can't imagine going back to my old nose. Looking at before a and after a defiantly help me cope with the flaws.

Second opinion.

today I got a second opinion on my nose. I was told that too much cartilage was taken out leaving the right side of my nose PARTIALLY collapsed. He referred to my nose as a little pinched. He said the only thing to fix this would be to do a revision and add cartilage to build it back up. I asked him if he thought it would worsen. He told me no. I really already knew all of this, or my breathing would be good but it was nice to have it confirmed. I guess all I can do is pray that it doesn't worsen. At this point I can live with my results as long as they don't go down hill anymore. The appearance hasn't really changed any since my last update but I've uploaded a few pictures for you all!! Hope everyone's well.


I'm now one year post op. Same issues but I've learned to just accept the flaws for now. Attached are some updated photos. Pics are uploaded, I have no idea why they've uploaded sideways... Or upside down. Lol. Sorry y'all!

Almost two years post op. Botched nose job. Need revision.

Well, almost two years post op. later. The cartilage in my nose keeps disappearing and disappearing. My tip still continues going away and coming to a very fine point. The side views/profile of my nose look fine to the eye because you can't see my tip. The bones in my nose feel very strong still, it has always been the cartilage and tip that were so overdone. Now two years post op, it still continues to worsen. I'm also quite sure one side of my nose has collapsed.... because breathing ain't easy, that's for sure. My airways/nostrils get smaller and smaller as months pass and to be honest I'm so afraid of where I'll be in one more year.

Must get revision. Time to start saving. :(

E! botched contacted me!

So a few weeks ago I was goofing around and totally filled out an app online for botched. Within 24 hours the casting director contacted me. I sent her my story, we exchanged a few emails. Then she contacted me about doing a skype interview last week. I did the interview and thought it went okay. Then today she requested about 50 different photos from me. Some I've attached. Most of what I sent her was already on here. This is so crazy. I'm not sure how I feel about this lol.
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