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I had my operation for rhinoplasty with Matti on...

I had my operation for rhinoplasty with Matti on the 23rd! I've been researching rhinoplasty surgeons for a long while, but felt Matti was the one for me. The reviews on Real Self prompted me to go have the initial consultation with him, so I thought I'd give something back to the forum that helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to make the right decision!


So a little bit about the consultation, I read a couple of reviews about Matti saying they felt a bit rushed in the consultation, I personally never experienced this at all, I was actually surprised at how long he did spend with me given I heard the consultations can sometimes be quick. He was always more than happy to answer all my questions. I took my boyfriend with me who asked plenty of questions too. I would advise taking someone with you to the consultation, I think it helps, especially if you forget some of the questions you were planning on asking, they can help you out. Me and my bf felt very comfortable with matti and we didn't feel rushed in the slightest.

I felt happy with the morphs he produced, but I did ask him to make some changes, I wanted to keep some of the projection and for the tip only to be reduced only a little. If you're in that consultation and you're not 100% satisfied with the morphs, definitely speak up and get him to change it, he was more than happy to change mine. It's important to discuss this part in detail, you want to be on the same page as your surgeon so he knows exactly what you want achieved. I had a second and third consultation with matti, and I felt he knew exactly what I wanted changed so felt confident about the surgery.
All the follow up consultations are free you don't have to pay again or anything for any future consultations pre op or post op. I've heard from others the aftercare is very good. Matti and his team have always responded to my enquiries quickly. When I've experienced the aftercare properly (I am only 6 days post op) I'll review that in more detail. Matti said he will see me on the day of the operation, which he did, and we discussed the changes being done to my nose one last time, although he knew, I voiced my desire again for a nose that doesn't lose too much projection, conservative changes etc.

I had septo rhinoplasty at the Weymouth hospital in London. Pricing as follows:

Matti fee: £5000

Anaesthetist £700

Hospital Weymouth £1750

Total: £7450

Matti said if I only wanted minor rhinoplasty, just having my kink taken out, it would only be 1/10 difficulty and would only charge me £1000 for his fee. However when he did the morphs, the difference was so much better with septo-rhino, lowering the bridge, reducing the tip, and correcting my deviated septum that I decided the additional cost was well worth it.

Weighing up the good vs the bad

It took me a long time to finally choose a surgeon, as soon as I saw a bad review I was immediately put off. I've come to realise all surgeons have the odd bad review, and a lot of the happy patients don't always come back to write about it. You have to weigh up the pros and cons when choosing a surgeon because from my research they all have their pros as well as their cons! For me Matti outweighed the bad with the good. Me and my bf got on really well with him, he's a lovely guy and I really did feel very confident on the day of my surgery that he would try his best to give me a good result.

Weymouth Street Hospital

Weymouth Street Hospital is lovely, look it up on google, is resembles a hotel more than a hospital. My anaesthetist Dr Edward Burdett was fantastic! He came to talk to me before the operation and was very calming. I also experienced no sickness and felt very good after the operation and was able to go home shortly afterwards. If you have your operation with Matti, I highly recommend you ask for Edward Burdett to be your anaesthetist.

My only negative thing to mention about the Weymouth street hospital was that one of the nurses acted fairly incompetent and was rather annoying. For example when changing my bandage around my nose she pressed too firmly on my nose and it was very uncomfortable and hurt, I had to brush her off, it didn't feel like she was supposed to be doing this! My instinct was right because another more senior nurse changed my bandage and her technique didn't involve pressing hard on my nose at all! So if they do this tell them to stop as it's not necessary and caused me unnecessary pain. I would still recommend the Weymouth street hospital because I don't think this is usual practice and I just got unlucky with this one nurse. Everyone else was fantastic!

Waking up!

I experienced virtually no pain after the operation, me and my bf were both amazed as I had virtually no swelling or bruising, I feel like matti has done a very careful job. I reacted well to the anaesthetic, as I felt pretty good afterwards, I experienced no sickness as some people have mentioned. I did have a very dry mouth when I first woke up which was probably the worst part, I found it difficult to drink as I couldn't really swallow properly, but this soon clears up when drinking little sips, don't try to drink too much too quickly, as I did, as you will choke a bit! As I was feeling well and I live in London and close by to the Weymouth street hospital I was keen to get home and I left a couple of hours after my op.

6 days post op

I had slight bruising and swelling around the eyes on day two and now it's pretty much disappeared! I still have my cast on, I can see the projection hasn't been reduced too much, yeyy! That was my main fear as I personally like noses that have a bit of projection as it creates the angle I find aesthetically pleasing. So I'm very happy about that! I feel Matti really listened to me and delivered me a good result. The new shape of my nose looks really great, the tip looks better, but as I still have my cast on, it's too early to say for sure! My only concern is that the area between my upper lip and nose appears to have increased, making it look slightly longer, I would rather it didn't have this appearance. I have read elsewhere this can be down to swelling and usually the appearance will change over time. (Update - after cast off, the area between my lip and nose no longer looks elongated, my nose has settled back down into place and everything looks good)

Cast off day!

Firstly the nurse who does the cast offs for Matti is bloody fantastic! I was a bit nervous as I've read reviews about it being the most painful part. I'm not sure who was taking their casts and stitches out, but she did it so carefully that it didn't hurt at all! So please don't be too concerned about getting your stitches out if you're a matti patient! She commented that it was a lovely nose and handed me the mirror and I was just so happy. I had prepared myself not to like my nose on cast off day because they warn you about swelling and I often hear people hate their noses at first and then love them, but it was love at first sight. I'm delighted, over the moon, ecstatic! It's everything I asked for :) and it resembled the morphs we did together. My boyfriend was just so pleased I was pleased! He's over the moon too!

I think due to little swelling I was able to see the nose more clearly. Since cast off it has swollen up slightly and I have some slight bruising on my bridge but this was to be expected.

I will update again in 6 weeks after my next appointment with matti and post more pictures, hopefully with a bit less swelling! At this stage I am very happy, delighted in fact! I would definitely recommend having a consultation with Matti if you're considering him :)

Rhinoplasty with Basim Matti. Before and after photos added.

Here are some photos to help those who are in the decision process. Again, I can not rate my surgeon Matti high enough. It's still early days and I have experienced a bit more swelling now, but I can tell there is a lovely nose underneath :) Very happy with my result.

not healing that well :(

I have been having some issues since my last update. I am not entirely happy with my nose right now, but I am seeing my surgeon soon. Once I have seen him, I will update this properly.

Photo update

I feel quite sad uploading these pictures. I was so enthusiastic in the beginning and thought I had a great result on cast off day, now I can't help but feel a bit foolish for thinking it was going to turn out so well. Perhaps this is all down to swelling, but I can't understand why I'm still having quite bad swelling problems 9 months post op which doesn't seem to be going away. My right view is so different from my left view.. I can't understand why. The thought of having another revision concerns me, but having to keep this nose also concerns me... :(

Unhappy with nose projection

I'm unhappy with my nose projection, I don't think it resembles my profile view in the morphs we did. We never changed the projection in the morphs, and we didn't tilt my nose up. But here I am with a nose that has less projection and a nose that tilts up.... By tilting my nose up, I have become increasingly conscious about the space between my top lip and the base of my nose, a space that I now think is too long, a problem I never was bothered about before.

My morph vs my result

My wanted morph profile view, and the profile view I have at 9 months post op. I wanted my nose to project, I do feel I emphasised this to my surgeon, so I feel upset it has been changed so much. People might say the photo with less projection is better, but sadly it's not what I wanted and not what I find aesthetically pleasing. I don't feel it suits me and it's too much of a change from what I had before. I only wanted a small change and I don't feel that was achieved.

Steroid injections

I saw my surgeon this week and he said the bumps were scar tissue forming. He gave me a steroid injection and I'll go back in 7 weeks for a further check up. He seemed confident that they would go down, which relieved me. If those bumps disappear then that will prove the appearance of my nose.

I didn't discuss my projection concerns at this point, but I might ask if there is a way to add to the projection in the next appointment, perhaps with a filler.

Unhappy and feeling sad and low

I asked some other surgeons about my nose problems and one described it as "poor work". I feel disappointed by this, but was kinda expecting it. I don't understand why my surgeon made out everything was fine. I don't feel I can trust him anymore, especially after talking to some other unhappy Matti patients. The scar tissue lump forming on my bridge is getting worse, the injection has done nothing so far to improve the large scar tissue on the left side of my nose, another doctor said I should have been given the steroid injections much earlier, I mentioned my concerns to my surgeon at my 6 weeks post op, but he just said it was swelling and would go away.... I also think the skin hasn't shrunk around my nose very well as it was reduced too much, my nose lacks definition. I want to get my projection back, I feel this was taken from me and I emphasised my desire for a minor change so much. I regret this decision. I feel a fool for ever deciding to do this. I was definitely happier before this experience. I know my nose was far from perfect before, but I preferred it to the nose I have now. I hate noses that lack projection, and I now have one... I have just swapped some problems for plenty more, and I paid £7k to do it...

Not many people seem to have as much scar tissue as I do, another doctor described it as "unusual". I told my surgeon that I experience neck spasms from a whip lash injury, they happen often make my head turn if I'm lying down. My surgeon said under anaesthetic I would be fine. I hope this is true but given my unusual scar tissue I'm trying to think of explanations, could I potentially still have minor neck spasms under aesthetic? might explain why I have so much more scar tissue compared to anyone I have seen, because if my neck was spamming occasionally whilst in the op, even very subtly, it would have been very difficult to operate carefully!

Need some help and advice :(

I feel my nose has actually gotten worse after surgery.

What would you do, get a revision with a better surgeon, or live with the mistake? Anyone know any reliable, trustworthy, good revision specialists? I'm considering Lucion Ion, and vladimir grigoryants at the moment.

I feel gutted :(

Second opinion with Lucian Ion

So I went to see Lucian Ion back in August for a second opinion about the scar tissue bumps. He said it felt too hard to be scar tissue, and he thought that when my nose was reduced the cartilage made a fold and instead of this being trimmed down, the cartilage was left which is why it now sticks out, creating the bump appearance. He said more cartilage needs to be trimmed to remove the bump appearance. He said he can do this for me, a minor revision costing £2k including hospital fees. He said I should speak to my surgeon about it first, as Matti might do the revision for free. I'm not sure what to do, sadly it's not just the bump that's my only concern. My nose doesn't represent the morphs I did with Matti, and I also have some cartilage that stick out the bottom of my nose, and my nose also bends slightly to the right. My nose also feels constantly tight and uncomfortable on the right side. Perhaps I just got unlucky. Ion did mention that no surgeon has a 100% success rate and some patients will need revisions, but I do also feel one too many things went wrong. If it was just one thing, I'd consider Matti for a revision, but because there are multiple things, that concerns me. I'm not sure it would be good judgement on my part to go ahead with a revision with Matti, and I've had at least 3 people warn me not to as they've had bad experiences with Matti.

I didn't discuss changing the shape of my nose in the consultation with Ion, I only discussed removing the bumps, I'm not sure why I didn't bring it up, just felt kinda spaced out in the consultation at the thought of having more surgery. I was kinda worried talking about the problems I have with my nose, thought I possibly might cry.. So my boyfriend did most the talking for me bless him, I did cry a bit in the waiting room when it was just me and my boyfriend. I think the thought of having to have surgery again to fix my problems, and just the whole ordeal this experience has been just got to me.

I have emailed Lucian Ion since, asking whether or not he can improve the shape of my nose, and he thinks he can help improve the shape with some grafts. I want to consider this carefully, I do want to improve the appearance of my nose, but nervous about the risks of surgery again. A good result can never be 100% guaranteed. When I'm back in the U.K I plan to book another consultation with Ion to discuss improving the shape and hopefully get some morphs done. If I decide to go ahead with a revision, I think I feel most confident with Lucion Ion at this point.
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