3 Months Since the Fraxel:Repair

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I did the Fraxel:Repair 3 months ago for minor...

I did the Fraxel:Repair 3 months ago for minor wrinkles and mild acne scarring. I am a 34 year old female.

I was told I would be able to go back out in public after 5-7 days, it took two weeks before I would even see friends. It was six weeks before the redness could be covered by make-up and at 3 months my skin is still pretty red and you can still see a few "track marks".

At 3 weeks, even though I was still very red and dry, the wrinkles around my eyes disappeared and my skin seemed smoother. I was very excited. Now at 3 months the wrinkles are back and my skin texture seems to have gone back also. Everyone I ask says they cannot see a difference except of course the people at my doctors office. The only thing that seems to be different is my make-up goes on a little smoother.

They are trying to convince me to get another one at half price saying the second one will yield more dramatic results because the skin has already been treated. Has anyone experienced this? It is another $2000.00 and six weeks not wanting to be around anyone because I am so red and dry.

If you have done a second Fraxel:Repair please let me know how it went, thanks!

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