3 Days After Lifestyle Lift and All is Well (78 Years Old)

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My 78 year old mother asked me to post. She just...

My 78 year old mother asked me to post. She just had this done in Des Moines on Thursday...we drove in from Minneapolis, as no one here does this procedure.

I went with her several months prior to for the consultation. Very professional. No hard sales pitch. I checked out the Dr. who was AWESOME! He has several decades of experience in his field. And even after I shared with her all the negative reviews posted on here, she still wanted to go through with it. So I had the Dr.'s office put me in touch with a few of his actual patients who had the LSL done. They were very positive. I was still nervous, but my Mom was determined.

The entire thing...from post-op pictures to clean up, took about 3 hours. Surgery lasted about 90 minutes. She did say she got a little queezy before they started, but assumes it was just nerves as they had yet to even touch her face when it happened. They gave her something for that, and she was fine. She said she was so calm once they actually started, she almost fell asleep! HA! She felt no pain at all, she said.

When they were done, the Dr. came out to the waiting room to let me know she had gotten a little sick before they started, but he also thought it was just nerves. He also told me how much skin they cut off...she had a saggy neckline...and said she looks so different, it was amazing. He was super nice and took me back to see her, saying "she will probably appreciate seeing a familiar face." When I saw her, she had two nurses cleaning and dressing the incisions and she was in great spirits. She already looked amazing! I said, "WOW, Mom! You have a jawline!" And the first thing she said was "I am SO HUNGRY!" (As per the nurses suggestion, we went out immediately and got her a malt.) They gave both of us instructions on caring for the incision and medications, and then made an appointment to change the bandages for the next day.

After getting her malt, we went back to the hotel and she slept for two hours then got up because she had some pain. Took one pain killer, which literally worked within about 15 minutes, then watched television until the wee hours. I kept asking her if her face was numb, as many people stated on this forum, and she said no. Besides the big wrapping around her head, she felt totally normal!

The next morning, she had her bandages changed and we went out for lunch and then went shopping! And the next day, we went to the botanical gardens. YES! She felt that good and was bored sitting around the hotel room. She never took another pain pill besides the first one. I have helped her wash the incisions, and I have to tell you, it's hard to even see them, they are so tiny!! No bleeding at all, either. She does have bruising on her neck where they gave her the shots. And she did say the first couple of shots were not too pleasant, but she says the dentist is worse!! Other than that, she can't believe how pain-free the entire thing has been. And so far, she has very little swelling.

I am posting pictures and I apologize for my lack of professional photographic skills. I will post more as things progress.

For the record, we are going on vacation Tuesday and Mom is coming along. Her only complaint so far is that she can't wash her hair until next week which is why she won't let me take her picture without the bandages yet!

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Very experienced, professional staff, great bedside manner, takes his time, and totally knows what he's doing.

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