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This has been a long journey for me I started in...

This has been a long journey for me I started in April I had to do a six month diet plan so far on my own I have lost 65 pounds changing my eating habits around I still have 180 to go I have done every thing my doctor and my nutrition have ask me to do I have sleep amnia have to sleep on my machine every night but everything else is find my paperwork is in to the insurance company just wait hong on them now getting nervous could some please let me know what to due to prevent all the access skin like what workouts would I have to do that's the only thing I am afraid of is all the loose skin please help me thanks

Patiently waiting

I'm still waiting on my insurance company to okay my surgery it driving me crazy I just want it over with so tomm to get my mind of off it I'm just going to join a gym and start my workout on my own I feel if I go hard in the gym and my weight come off it will ease my mind about my insurance company I have to stay focus

What doctors need u to do

Please do whatever your doctor ask u to do it is important and for your health I had to do pulmonary clearance sleep study EGD psych eval 6month diet cardiac clearance lab and drug screening and medical clearance but I'm glad I had to do it doing my sleep study I found out I have sleep amnia and now I have to sleep with a cpap machine during my cardiac visit found out u had blockage but every thing is okay now I have been cleared from everything from my doctors now just waiting on my insurance company to okay me for my surgery so every please I no it's a long process but what ever test your doctors have u take please do U never no what can be wrong

Enjoying life

I'm at my heaviest weight but still enjoying my point is we all need a change to better ourself but please always enjoy life

Living life

Time for a change
Living life trying to stay focused ready for the new me

Putting god first

I'm so excited just got approved for my surgery today so I will be having my sleeve don Monday nov16 I'm excited and nervous at the same time wish me lick thanks

Sign my consent form today

Now it is official I sign my consent form today for my surgery it is set for Monday nov 16 I'm happy and nervous at the same time not looking forward to the pain

Surgery prep

I thought this full liquid diet was going to be hard but so far so good my protein shakes fill me up and my sugar free pudding sugar free apple sauce so far I'm find we will see how I am doing by day four

I'm home

Today is wen18 my surgery was nov 16 I'm already at home my surgery went well no regrets I was not in a lot of pain just the gas on my chest but u have to get up and walk a lot and it will slowly pass really cant swallow or put the jello down it really hard u have to force yourself I ad I got it done tome for my new life to start good luck to everyone who are going to have the surgery

At home

I'm at home doing great my stomach is still a little sore it is hard to get my fluids down but I have to so I want end up back to the hospital but I do make my self walk everyday so I want get a blood clot and drink my protein

One month after surgery

One month after surgery my surgery was nov 16 2015 day of surgery I was 326 one month now I am 299 do happy but I have to stay focused I want to get down to 150 pounds so I still have a long journey ahead of me

Still on my journey

It been a minute still got ways to go but the sleeve was the best decision I could have made for myself 389 now I am at 170 so happy and proud of myself 30 more pounds to go
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