Hello, I'm 29 Years Old Mother of 4 Kids and Looking into a Mommy Makeover... ❤️❤️

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Hi, my name is Lasheay and the mother of 5...

Hi, my name is Lasheay and the mother of 5 beautiful children. My only girl 13 and 4 boys 12,7 (and 1 year old. My hubby and I wanted a big family and we got it. Even though my husband said he is happy the way I look, I'm just not confident in my body. I wanna have a mommy makeover done for myself. I wanna look good in a nice bathing suit again or nice outfits to go out in. I wanna see the WOW on my husband face like when we first met and the wow your wife is hot on others. I wanna be able to look at myself in the mirror again.. I have been doing a lot of research on the procedure I want done, how it's done, recovery and many many results. I must admit realself reviews are quite addicting lol. I was told I needed a breast lift then a implant size and a tummy tuck. I also would like some lipo between my thighs. I already have a big butt so no bbl is needed. All Doctor opinions are welcomed! Including others that feel my frustrations and are similar..

Doing more research...

So I'm definitely not wanting a saline implant I'm scared if it pops water will start gushing out squirting people in the face how crazy would that be?? Lol I'm kidding I know that's not possible but I guess I don't like the body will absorb the salt water. I'm looking into the gummy bear implants that are new. I'm really liking the reviews and the less worrying about a rupture. I am now measuring at a 32 deflated d cup. I actually don't wanna go any bigger than that or 34d the most. I don't need porn tits just filling to my frame. I'm still researching places and I'm liking Miami. I know I have a little more time. Winter is not here just yet but it's coming so I do need to get going on the Doctor and facility I choose for my surgery so I can get my deposit going.. Decisions decisions ????????????????

Advice starting to come in

Well I got a bit of advice from my question on here. 400cc would most likely be too heavy for my tissue to handle. I'm not disappointed I'm really really happy cause one I'm new to this and don't wanna make any mistakes so I take advice into consideration and two I truly don't want to be heavy at all! I actually want my breast fuller and maybe a size or two up but not to extreme. So I actually reached out to 3 different places already. Only two responded so far. I'm starting to get really excited. I know this is what I want to do. People that know me know when I want something I don't stop till I get it!

Wish pics!!

Wish pics!!

Wish pics!!!!!!!!

I want my breast fuller and perky and I already have a big butt but I want it to look more I shape

Wish pics

More wish pics


So I requested consults from a few doctors and so far only 3 answered back. I am afraid to fly out of the USA but I see slot of nice results from DR. But right now I'm looking towards Miami
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Lookin into dr Hassan but I'm still researching

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