Brest Reduction Surgery Tomorrow Imma 42K - Biloxi, MS

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So far I'm a little nervous about tomorrow My...

So far I'm a little nervous about tomorrow

My goals are I hope I don't have a lot of Scarring but anything well be better and lighter then we're I'm at today

I'm just ready to feel comfortable and confident n my body again can't wait!!!

Tomorrow morning going to be a long 4 hours I can't wait!!

Today the day

So I'm two hours away from my surgery really excited to see the out come I'll keep u posted

Not gone miss these at all

Before surgery pics on my way to my procedure

Sorry I'm been late updates

Sorry for the late update but Been sleeping a lot surgery was great but have the drains over the weekend so want post anymore pics till they come out Tuesday.

I feel great and so much lighter I have been having problems with the drains clogging up but beside that every going so far so good


Went and got all my drains and padding taking out today still in a little pain cause of the swelling but feel like a new person Brest pics coming in the am after I'm able to take my first shower sign

Lil before and after

A little before n after how they look in a sports bra huge differences now

1 week po after beast reduction surgery update

Well today made 1 week since I had my surgery from a 42 K till now I'm really am not sure what I am now I well have to wait till the swelling and everything is gone and get re sized but I love that I'm so much lighter and the process is getting better everyday along with the pain. I do have the heaviness at the bottom of both breast but know it's only cause the swell needs but I'm happy more updates coming soon keep u update!!!

My two1/2 week pro op check up

So yesterday I had my two week check up with Doctor Miller he took out almost all my staples that were on the sides of both best and the sticking around my nipples.

He left maybe five or six in in the areas that still need a little more healing in so i go back to see him again in two weeks to get those out.

The only problem since the surgery is my right nipple has been discharging and pilling bad compared to the other one but beside that I'm healing Great I feel great!!!

Just a Lil pics !!!!

Loving myself in my skin now and they look so great!!!
Biloxi Plastic Surgeon

He was very detailed told me what to expect before and after surgery.

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